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Talent Canada sat down with a group of professionals to talk, in-depth, about how to build a culture of health. The wide-ranging roundtable conversation featured a discussion, moderated by senior editor Todd Humber, with:

  • Janet Young, director, well-being and health services, people and culture at TELUS Health
  • Diana Godfrey, senior vice-president of HR at Fidelity Canada
  • Rasheena Atkins, vice-president of people and culture at TPD
  • Catalina Rodriguez, an employment lawyer and workplace investigator at Forte Law.

This multi-part series, sponsored by TELUS Health, is designed to take a deep dive into what employers, business leaders and HR professionals need to do in order to build, sustain and get the most out of their investment in creating healthy workplaces.

Building a culture of health: Where do employers begin? (Part one)

Questions, not assumptions. That was the consensus from a recent panel discussion on where organizations need to start on the journey to create a culture of health. Read the full story.

Video: Where do employers begin?

A culture of health: How can you tell programs are working? (Part two)

Janet Young is not a fan of measuring the success of a healthy workplace program through the traditional return-on-investment (ROI) lens. Read the full story.

Video: Measuring success

A culture of health: How to spread the gospel to employees (Part three)

It should never start with an email. Rasheena Atkins, vice-president of people and culture at TPD, said that’s the most common mistake employers make when rolling out a new benefits program. Read the full story.

Video: Communication strategies

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