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Canadian business leaders to pledge support for Blacks at virtual summit

TORONTO — Leaders of several prominent Canadian companies will be gathering virtually this afternoon to provide more details of their BlackNorth Initiative against systemic racism.

A newly formed group of Canadian business leaders says it will develop concrete action plans to remove barriers that prevent the advancement of Black employees within their companies.

The BlackNorth Initiative also says it will create conditions over the next few years to support the success of members of the Black community.

Among other things, the group is setting several specific goals, such as having at least 3.5 per cent of executive and board roles in Canada held by Black leaders by 2025.


The push to deal with systemic racism has gained strength in recent months in the wake of demonstrations held across Canada and the United States.

The initiative is supported by the newly formed Canadian Council of Business Leaders Against Anti-Black Systemic Racism and the Canadian Association of Urban Financial Professionals.

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1 Comment » for Canadian business leaders to pledge support for Blacks at virtual summit
  1. C Robinson says:

    Like all quota systems, this does nothing to actually stem racism, which has been going on since the dawn of time, throughout all races, Blacks included. As a society we need to stop recognizing differences and start seeing and celebrating the fact that we are all humans, with individual strengths and weaknesses. We are not groups of people who need to be represented by quotas, but individuals who either possess the abilities needed for certain jobs or do not.

    As a woman who has worked in a traditionally man’s field for more than 30 years, I am appalled by quotas of any kind. There should be no barriers to hiring or appointing those who can actually perform the tasks at hand but there should be no system whereby someone is hired/ appointed based on race, gender or sexual preference ( which should never be discussed in the workplace in any capacity in the first place).

    I have been extremely successful in my field and was hired solely on my abilities. Quite frankly, I would never want a job given for any reason other than my being the best person for the position. In my opinion, arbitrary percentages or quotas are demeaning to anyone who is a professional. All applicants should be treated equally – full stop.

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