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About Us

A message from our sponsor

Not that long ago, Nick Trepanier, Senior Contractor Management Advisor, recognized that there were inadequate controls in the contractor management processes at Rio Tinto. Manual processes meant limited insight into the qualifications, safety, and skills of its onsite workforce. Given the highly regulated nature of the mining industry, these limitations meant potentially exposing workers, teammates and company to unacceptable health and safety risks.

Fast forward a few years, Nick and his team have implemented a streamlined contractor management process that ensures consistent onsite safety practices.

Join Nick and learn about Rio Tinto’s journey towards efficient contractor management transformation including:
  • The need for pre-qualification to effectively manage the safety and skill profiles of all onsite contractors
  • How digital contractor management ensures 24/7 access to mission critical information
  • What steps they took to ensure compliance at both the company and worker level, before allowing work to begin
  • The implementation of a link-to-gate system for superior on-site management

Nick Trepanier
Senior Contractor Management Advisor

Nick Trepanier's journey with Rio Tinto in May 1994 as a brakeman. Over the years, he demonstrated exceptional dedication and expertise, eventually transitioning to roles of increasing responsibility within the organization. In 2009, Nick's career trajectory took another significant turn as he started spearheading the establishment of the Department of Contractor Management at IOC Rio Tinto. With over two decades of industry experience and a proven track record of excellence, Nick Trepanier is a respected figure in the mining sector Head of Account Management

Erica Zeffiro
Head of Account Management

Erica Zeffiro, our newly appointed Head of Account Management at Alcumus SafeContractor, brings a wealth of client management expertise and a strong commitment to creating safer workplaces. Since joining Alcumus SafeContractor, Erica has consistently fostered robust client relationships and demonstrated exceptional commercial acumen, earning widespread commendation and appreciation from our partners. Her extensive experience and exceptional leadership skills continue to drive excellence both within our business and across the industry, inspiring her team of Account Managers to consistently deliver the highest standards for our partners.

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