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Food delivery driver dies after violent carjacking, police investigate

A food delivery driver who was the victim of a violent carjacking in the Greater Toronto Area has died from his injuries and police are searching for suspects.

Report shows economic case for high immigration, but warns of housing trade offs

At a time when skeptics are questioning Canada's plan to ramp up immigration, a new report argues the country needs to welcome a lot more newcomers to counterbalance its aging demographic.

More than 1,000 Canadians take CRA to court over pandemic payments — and some win

In late 2021, Tressa Mitchell was dealing with doctor's appointments for her ailing mother when she got a call from the Canada Revenue Agency seeking information to verify her eligibility for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.

Canada lifts education requirement for Hong Kong immigrants

Vancouver resident Calvin Wong says he can finally start picturing a future in Canada after the federal government announced it was dropping educational requirements for Hong Kongers seeking permanent residency in the wake of the Chinese city's crackdown on dissent.

Report says junior staff behind sexual slogan approval in Experience Regina rebrand

An independent review into how Regina's tourism agency handled a failed rebrand says a junior employee approved sexualized slogans before senior management could vet them.

Ottawa doing 'broader review' of social media after banning TikTok from work devices

The government is taking a look at possible threats from other social-media applications, after banishing TikTok from the mobile devices of federal public servants for privacy and security reasons.

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“Today’s business leaders are faced with complex issues that demand rapid response and a course of action that can be fraught with risk. Eric’s book offers a steadfast framework for not only making balanced decisions but also communicating them with empathy and integrity—enabling you to create optimal impact with a wide range of stakeholders in these turbulent times.” —KRISTIN PECK, CEO Zoetis » Order your copy today!

$550,000 award highlights risks for employers with fixed-term contracts, raises issues around duty to mitigate

Monterosso v Metro Freightliner Hamilton Inc., 2023 ONCA 413, is a recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision that highlights the dangers of using fixed term contracts. This decision also addresses the obligations of mitigating damages under fixed term agreements (i.e., the obligation to look for new work after termination). » Read More...

Opposition says Alberta dragging feet on CPP pension reform to manipulate outcome

NDP house leader Christina Gray says the United Conservative Party government has failed to release a long-promised third-party analysis of quitting CPP because it is busy doctoring the report to make the case for Alberta going it alone on pensions. » Read More...

Canada's corporate ethics czar launches forced labour probes into Nike, Dynasty Gold in China

Ottawa's corporate-ethics watchdog has announced investigations into a gold-mining corporation and the Canadian branch of Nike for possible forced labour by China's Uyghur minority in their supply chains. » Read More...

Cairo's BBC staff begin a three day strike, calling for equal pay with other Mideast colleagues

BBC's staff in Cairo went on a three-day strike to demand equal pay with other colleagues in the Middle East as Egypt's economic crisis deepens further. » Read More...

Italians outraged after judge clears school janitor of groping student because contact was under 10 seconds

The teenager said the man came up from behind her as she was pulling up her trousers while walking up the stairs in a Rome high school, and slipped his hand beneath her underpants, according to court documents. » Read More...

Ex-officers at federal women's prison in California plead guilty to multiple sex abuse counts

Two former officers of a federal women's prison in California pleaded guilty to multiple counts of sexual abuse, the latest to be prosecuted following an Associated Press investigation last year resulting in prison sentences for the former warden and chaplain. » Read More...


Should you be friends with your co-workers? Here’s what the research says

In my teens and twenties, I didn’t think much about how important it was to like the people I worked with. At the time, I was working as a waiter at a Toronto diner and being friends with my colleagues was part of the experience. But once I became a university professor and an executive educator, I realized the importance of workplace relationships. » Read More...

Mounties in crisis: The systemic failure to address sexual abuse within the RCMP

The RCMP has a problem when it comes to sexual abuse within the ranks — and it apparently lacks the ability to deal with it. The Independent Centre for Harassment Resolution (ICHR) was established in 2021 following a landmark class-action lawsuit that resulted in the government paying more than $125 million to 2,304 female RCMP members who experienced sexual assault and harassment in the line of duty. » Read More...


Workforce Forward: Vancouver

September 6, 2023 | Pan Pacific »