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WestJet Encore pilots announce tentative deal in labour dispute with regional carrier

The union representing WestJet Encore pilots says a tentative deal has been struck with their employer, days before the pilots had threatened to go on strike.

Alberta announces wage offer for government workers during collective bargaining

The Alberta government is offering a 7.5-per-cent wage increase in the midst of collective bargaining, with government workers calling for a 26-per-cent bump. More than 22,000 members of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees fall under the negotiations that began this year, including workers in social services, corrections and natural resources conservation.

Interac acquires rights to Vouchr platform, enabling multimedia in e-transfers to employees

Interac Corp. says it is acquiring the exclusive Canadian rights to use Toronto-based Vouchr Ltd.'s platform, which will allow personalized multimedia messages to be sent alongside money transfers.

Quebec employers group worried 'politicized' immigration debate will hurt jobs

The latest spat between Quebec and Ottawa over immigration is based on politics and not the reality of the labour market, says the head of a major employers group. "In some ways, it's deplorable," said Karl Blackburn, president and CEO of the Conseil du patronat du Québec.

When leaders speak of workers and their rights, hold them to it, CLC urges unions

Canada's largest labour organization is urging unions to hold politicians to account when they profess to champion the country's working class. Bea Bruske, president of the Canadian Labour Congress, doesn't name names in a memo she sent Friday to the group's 50 affiliates, which include some of the country's largest unions.


The risks of wrongful resignation litigation

When an employee quits without giving notice, or with very short notice, the employer may be left wondering if they have any recourse against the employee. There are some jurisdictions in Canada with statutes that set out required resignation notice periods. » Read More...

The board has spoken: Teacher fired after competing on 'Survivor Québec' reality show

Déborah De Braekeleer knew she would have to face her fear of bugs when she volunteered to be marooned on a remote island in the Philippines. But perhaps her greatest challenge awaited her when she returned home to Quebec. » Read More...

Unifor applies to represent two Amazon fulfilment centres in Metro Vancouver

"Workers at Amazon are seeking job security, health and safety, and fair wages,” Lana Payne, the union's national president, said. Unifor first announced a union drive for Amazon workers in Metro Vancouver last July, and says workers began signing cards in October. » Read More...
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New rules for Pregnant Workers Fairness Act include divisive accommodations for abortion

Workers are entitled to time off and other job accommodations for abortions — along with pregnancy-related medical conditions like miscarriage, stillbirth and lactation — under the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, according to finalized federal regulations published Monday. » Read More...

Woodford Reserve tried to undermine unionization effort at its Kentucky distillery, judge rules

The sweeteners the prominent bourbon maker offered to workers were timed to influence the outcome of the unionization vote, Andrew S. Gollin, an administrative law judge with the National Labor Relations Board, wrote in his decision. » Read More...

Texas' diversity, equity and inclusion ban has led to more than 100 job cuts at state universities

A ban on diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives in higher education has led to more than 100 job cuts across university campuses in Texas, a hit echoed or anticipated in numerous other states where lawmakers are rolling out similar policies during an important election year. » Read More...


The Alberta government is interfering in public sector bargaining on an unprecedented scale

In the coming months, over 200,000 public sector workers in Alberta will begin bargaining with their employers for new contracts. The most recent agreements expired in March and, after many years of high inflation and few wage increases, workers will be looking for raises. » Read More...

From side hustles to sleeping streams: The truth behind the passive income hype

A growing cohort of TikTok influencers have begun building platforms by promoting passive income to their followers. Thousands of users regularly share their expertise, tips and advice for how their followers can, theoretically, achieve the same level of passive income without lifting a finger. » Read More...


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