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Angst in the U.S. as Canada launches new plan to poach foreign tech workers

Canada's newly unveiled approach to attract foreign tech talent is being met with angst in America while being heralded as a game changer for the country's emerging technologies, according to experts.

'Open for business:' Top N.W.T. Mountie says Indigenous recruitment a priority

The head of the RCMP in the Northwest Territories says one of his top priorities is recruiting more Indigenous members and staff.

Office vacancy in Canada hits highest rate since 1994: CBRE

A report by commercial real estate firm CBRE says the national office vacancy rate in Canada climbed in the second quarter to its highest level since 1994.

B.C. staff who failed to check on two abused foster children lose jobs: ministry

The British Columbia government says staff members at the Children's Ministry who failed to check on two Indigenous children who were systematically abused by their foster parents have lost their jobs.

Saskatchewan bargaining committee proposes 7 per cent pay raise for teachers

A bargaining committee made up of Saskatchewan government officials and school board representatives is proposing a pay raise for teachers.

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Labour shortage in construction adding extra pressure to housing supply gap: experts

The construction industry is short tens of thousands of workers, and experts say a coming wave of retirements could make the problem worse even as Canada is millions of homes behind what's needed to reach housing affordability this decade. » Read More...

In workaholic Japan, 'job leaving agents' help people escape the awkwardness of quitting

In Japan, a nation reputed for loyalty to companies and lifetime employment, people who job-hop are often viewed as quitters. And that's considered shameful. Enter "taishoku daiko,'' or "job-leaving agents.'' » Read More...

U.S. measure would ban products containing mineral mined with child labour in Congo

A measure has been introduced in the U.S. House to ban imported products containing minerals critical to electric vehicle batteries but mined through child labor and other abusive conditions in Congo, where China has enormous mining stakes. » Read More...

U.S. Supreme Court solidifies protections for workers who ask for religious accommodations

The Supreme Court used the case of a Christian mailman who didn't want to work Sundays to solidify protections for workers who ask for religious accommodations. » Read More...

Ex-chemical safety agency chief in U.S. misused $90K on trips, renovations and other expenses, watchdog says

The former head of a federal agency that investigates chemical accidents improperly spent more than $90,000 during her tenure, including unauthorized trips to and from her California home, remodeling her Washington office and outside media training for herself. » Read More...


The stabbing attack at the University of Waterloo underscores the dangers of polarizing rhetoric about gender

In the wake of the recent stabbing attack on a University of Waterloo professor and two students in a philosophy of gender course, we need to talk about the profound power words have to shape our world. » Read More...

If companies want to stop quiet quitting they need to take burnout seriously

In 2023, between a quarter and a third of Canadians are feeling burned out. Burnout has not declined compared to last year. A full 36 per cent of employees are more burned out now than last year. If you aren’t burned out, it may well be because you did some quiet quitting to keep work at bay. » Read More...


Workforce Forward: Vancouver

September 6, 2023 | Pan Pacific »