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B.C. court decision a ‘significant win’ for parental rights, commissioner says

The B.C. Court of Appeal ruled Friday that cases of employer discrimination against a worker’s “family status” can happen “whenever” the terms of employment interfere with an employee’s parental duties.

Small business owners working eight day week equivalent due to staff shortages: CFIB

The study indicates the problem is getting worse. The number of small businesses affected by labour shortages has increased from 55 per cent in November 2021.

TELUS launches Indigenous Wellness Benefit for employees

TELUS has launched an Indigenous Wellness Benefit for its employees. The new benefit "provides coverage up to $1,000 to access traditional healing practices and support total well-being."

Maple Leaf Foods wins awards for diversity, workplace safety from NAMI

Maple Leaf Foods has won the inaugural Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award from the North American Meat Institute (NAMI).

Workplace training grants available to employers in Manitoba

Employers in Manitoba can now apply for a grant to help offset the cost of third-party training for new and existing employees. Employers are eligible to receive a maximum of $10,000 per employee and $100,000 per training project.


Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act: Quick Reference 2023

This reference guide helps you make sense of the OH&S Act and Regulations - quickly and easily in "plain English". Be prepared, make decisions with confidence and ensure your business complies with the sections of the OH&S Act and Regulations that are of importance to the success of your organization.

Part one of Ontario OH&S Act: Quick Reference 2023 Edition features more than 20 key compliance issues that are identified, defined, cross-referenced and accompanied by a legal compliance checklist. Part two contains the full text of the OH&S Act and key Regulations. » Order your copy today!

Workplace chronic health conversations are awkward: A new tool is here to help

There's no getting around it — discussions between workers and managers around accommodating chronic and episodic health conditions can be uncomfortable and awkward. Supervisors might be unsure about what questions they should, or are even allowed, to ask. Employees might not want to disclose specific health issues for fear of stigma or gossip. » Read More...

Moral damages and mitigation: Employer faces the consequences of its conduct

A recent employment law case, Teljeur v. Aurora Hotel Group, is an important cautionary reminder that employers need to be careful about their conduct when terminating an employee. » Read More...

DuPont ordered to pay $16 million in Texas plant leak that killed 4 workers

A chemical company was ordered to pay $16 million and sentenced to two years of probation for its role in a poisonous gas leak that killed four workers at a Houston-area plant nearly a decade ago, federal prosecutors announced Monday. » Read More...

WHO fires doctor after findings of sexual misconduct

The World Health Organization says it has fired one of its doctors who faced allegations that he had repeatedly engaged in sexual misconduct. » Read More...

BuzzFeed to close news division, cut 15% of all staff

Pulitzer prize winning digital media company BuzzFeed will shut down its news division as it cuts about 15% of its entire staff. » Read More...


Opinion: CEO sparks outrage with comments on working parents, pets and moonlighting staff

Sell your dog and return to the office. Go ahead and try, but you can’t outwork me. And parents with full-time jobs? Don’t dare argue you can be both a primary caregiver and an employee. Those were among the “inspiring” messages delivered by James Clarke, CEO of Utah-based Clearlink, in a town hall meeting. » Read More...

Why employers should wake up to the value of naps at work

Wellbeing at work is being taken more seriously by many businesses these days. After all, recent research has shown that more than a quarter of Generation Z workers – those born between 1997 and 2012 – seek out workplace benefits that help them cope with stress. » Read More...

Mental fitness habit, or none – that is the question

Developing knowledge and skills by exploring micro-skills (e.g., journalling) and their benefit for emotional well-being can be helpful for mental fitness. But information like this will do little for your mental health unless you develop habits you do daily or on-demand when you need tools to cope with a life challenge. » Read More...


CPHR BC & Yukon HR Conference and Expo

May 2, 2023 | Vancouver, British Columbia »