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Returning to work after a period of disability leave can be a challenging transition for both employees and their managers, requiring careful planning and communication.

» Learn the key considerations to include when creating a return-to-work plan.
Editor's Note 
A new campaign is encouraging Canadians to turn on out of office alerts to raise awareness about migraines in the workplace. The campaign got me wondering: does your organization have guidelines for engaging in activism? Email me with your thoughts!
- Brandi Cowen, Editor

Planning to hire new grads this year? You're in the minority.

Although Canadian companies continue to show interest in hiring university and college grads, newly minted alumni face a weaker job market compared to the previous few years, according to a recent Express Employment Professionals-Harris Poll.

Your employees probably don't judge their manager's effectiveness the way you do

Your idea of an effective leader may primarily be about results: someone who hits their targets, and supports their direct reports in doing the same. But from an employee's perspective, leadership effectiveness is directly related to how that leader makes them feel.

The clock is ticking on CBSA border strike action

A potential strike looms at border crossings across the country for more than 9,000 workers at Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) following the release of the Public Interest Commission (PIC) report. The release of the report – outlining the Commission’s recommendations to reach a settlement – starts the clock on job action and puts workers in a legal strike position as of June 6.

Unifor alleges Amazon ramped up hiring at B.C. warehouse ahead of union vote

Unifor has filed an unfair labour practice complaint against Amazon amid a vote by workers at a Delta, B.C., warehouse over whether they want to join the union. In the complaint, Unifor alleges Amazon ramped up hiring while the union was in the midst of a drive to get workers to sign union cards, increasing the workforce by about 30 per cent in a bid to dilute union support.

Higher risk of depression and anxiety among young, gay or bisexual, or racialized men: study

New research from the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF) is raising the alarm bells when it comes to the state of men’s mental health in Canada. The study, shows a concerning trend in specific groups of men: the risk of moderate to severe depression is significantly higher in men aged 19 to 29 (43 per cent), racialized men (30 per cent) and gay or bisexual men (28 per cent) compared to the broader male population (18 per cent).

National campaign highlights the impact of migraine in the workplace

To mark Migraine Awareness Month in June, Pfizer Canada, Migraine Canada, and Migraine Quebec have partnered to launch Out of Office for Migraine Awareness, a national campaign to foster more supportive work environments for Canadians living with migraine. This debilitating neurological disease can significantly impact multiple aspects of an individual’s life, including their career.

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Employers must secure internal competencies to facilitate workplace mental health

This article outlines the urgency for employers to prepare team members to facilitate workplace mental health strategies and programs and introduces the three-step D3 Model for Psychological Health. » Learn more

Balancing AI and managerial discretion in compensation

From automated benchmarking systems that provide real-time market information to predictive analytics for future salary trends and employee retention risks, artificial intelligence (AI) can go a long way in making data-driven compensation decisions in your organization. But human managers continue to play a crucial role in compensation planning. » Read More...

Identifying substance abuse in the workplace

Substance abuse is more than just a health issue. It’s a multibillion-dollar economic predicament that should concern business leaders. It can lead to presenteeism, absenteeism, long-term disability and premature death. HR professionals and C-suite executives should take this matter seriously to help save lives and minimize losses. » Read More...

American CEOs got hefty raises in 2023, widening the gap with the workers they oversee

The typical compensation package for chief executives who run companies in the S&P 500 jumped nearly 13 per cent last year, easily surpassing the gains for workers at a time when inflation was putting considerable pressure on Americans' budgets. » Read More...

Oil executives imprisoned five years in Venezuela sue former employer for US$400 million

Two Citgo oil executives detained for nearly five years in Venezuela have sued their former employer for more than US$400 million, alleging it conspired to lure them to the South American country under a false pretext and then abandoned them as they endured horrendous prison conditions for crimes they didn't commit. » Read More...

Southwest Airlines is back in court over firing of flight attendant with anti-abortion views

Southwest Airlines is set to return to a U.S. federal court in hopes of reversing a US$800,000 award to a flight attendant who said she was fired for her anti-abortion views and a judge's related order that the airlines’ lawyers take religious liberty training from a conservative Christian legal group. Southwest argues the flight attendant was fired because she violated company rules requiring civility in the workplace by sending “hostile and graphic" anti-abortion messages to a fellow employee. » Read More...


The future of outplacement is personal

In an increasingly dynamic job market, career outplacement is a vital resource for people transitioning between jobs, and for employers making changes to their workforce. Individuals now require personalized strategies, advanced skills training, and continuous learning opportunities to effectively navigate their career transitions and secure meaningful employment. » Read More...

Midlife women face an uphill climb in Canada’s workplaces

More women left their employers in 2022 than in 2020 and 2021 combined. This isn’t just about job changes; it reflects a deeper issue in how we support and value experienced female professionals. » Read More...


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