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Quebec company buys private island with chalet to boost employee happiness

A Montreal-area company has come up with a novel — if extreme — way to boost employee happiness: buying them a private island.

Federal government reviewing allegations Ontario farm wrongfully dismissed migrant workers

The federal government is investigating allegations that a farm in southwestern Ontario sent six Jamaican seasonal workers home earlier than planned after they protested their living and working conditions.

Manitoba premier blames politics, union for Crown corporation strike

Workers at Manitoba's auto insurance Crown corporation went on strike Monday, as Premier Heather Stefanson criticized union leaders for rejecting a wage offer.

Ontario adds $160 million to skills training funding, focus on people with criminal records and on social assistance

Ontario is set to put $160 million toward skills training programs, prioritizing help for people on social assistance and people with criminal records.

Teachers turn to AI to make workload more manageable, chart lesson plans

Jessica Reid has thought about quitting the career she'd dreamed of since childhood hundreds of times. Until recently, she was overwhelmed by her workload as an elementary school teacher — planning lessons for all subjects, creating behavioural support plans for students, grading, not to mention actual classroom time — while also raising three young kids of her own.

Corporate ethics czar opens forced labour probes against Walmart, Hugo Boss, Diesel

Canada's corporate-ethics watchdog is investigating if Walmart, Hugo Boss and Diesel have forced labour in their supply chains.

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Flex: The Art and Science of Leadership in a Changing World

From one of the world's preeminent leadership coaches, an insightful, indispensable guide to effective leadership. Changing demographics and structures have led to a seismic shift in terms of the tools needed to successfully manage and grow within a company. For the first time, leadership expert Jeffrey Hull shares the secrets, strategies, and science underlying his, and his clients', successes. Interweaving real-life stories with practical tips and the latest evidence-based research, he equips readers with the insights they need to thrive in today's world. » Order your copy today!

Contingent workers, AI and internal mobility can help employers navigate labour shortages

Despite expressing optimism about the future, business leaders are facing a growing crisis in finding workers — 93% of Canadian respondents predict their organizations will experience a labour shortage in the coming 12 months. » Read More...

Buyers beware: Plan for the transition of employees when purchasing a business

The recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruling in Manthadi v ASCO Manufacturing highlights some of the complications that can occur if vendors and purchasers fail to properly plan for the transition of employees upon the sale of a business. » Read More...

3 activists are acquitted of defaming a Thai poultry company accused of violating labour laws

Three human rights activists were acquitted Tuesday of criminally defaming a Thai poultry company with social media posts that supported other activists who had accused it of abusive labor practices, according to the defendants and their lawyer. » Read More...

As worker actions continue across U.S., White House highlights how administration is helping unions

As worker actions continue from Hollywood to Detroit, and new labor unions crop up at firms like Starbucks and Amazon, the White House on Monday was highlighting its effort to bolster worker organizing throughout the U.S. » Read More...

German rail workers vote against open ended strikes, accepting a pay offer and inflation bonus

Germany's rail workers will not go on open-ended strikes after less than 50% of union members voted in favor, German news agency dpa reported Monday. » Read More...


Online outrage can benefit brands that take stances on social issues

Nike’s advertisement featuring Colin Kaepernick sparked a social media firestorm in 2018. Kaepernick, a former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, first made headlines in 2016 when he protested against police brutality by kneeling during the American national anthem. Those who deemed Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the anthem as unpatriotic expressed a great deal of outrage and called for a Nike boycott. Despite initial concerns about the financial impact of Nike’s decision, the advertisement proved successful for the company. » Read More...


Workforce Forward: Vancouver

September 6, 2023 | Pan Pacific »