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Kyte Baby CEO whiffs on first apology, does better on second after mom of newborn denied remote work

The CEO of a baby clothing company has issued two apologies on social media following her decision to refuse an employee's request to work remotely after the premature baby she adopted was hospitalized in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

RCMP relaxes recreational cannabis use policy for officers

The RCMP has eased its policy on cannabis use by members, saying simply they must be fit for duty when reporting for work. The new substance use policy replaces a 2018 one that required front-line officers and many other employees in "safety-sensitive" positions to refrain from recreational cannabis use for four weeks before duty.

Saskatchewan construction company fined $1,400 for not paying wages

Langman Contracting pled guilty in court to violating one count of the province's employment standards legislation.

Quebec village's legal crackdown on residents, media over town manager hiring sparks controversy

The village of Ste-Pétronille, Que., is used to receiving attention from outsiders. Tourists flock to the hamlet at the tip of picturesque Orleans Island to see its French colonial architecture and enjoy views of the Quebec City skyline across the St. Lawrence River. But since the hiring of its town manager, the allure of Ste-Pétronille has recently given way to intrigue.

U.S. gun crime, health insurance woes scare off Canadian diplomats, union says

The union that represents Canadian diplomats abroad says Global Affairs Canada should consider boosting compensation for those posted to the United States because they face increased risk of gun crime and difficulty accessing health care.

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Industry Specific Training: Supervisors & Managers

This certificate program is designed for new hires and recently promoted Supervisors and Managers. The program focuses on development of critical thinking, leadership and team management skills. Developing these skills supports increased productivity, improved workplace culture, enhanced team communication, higher employee engagement and promotes a collaborative working environment. With the help of a hands-on Workplace Performance Project participants learn, develop and enhance their skills to be able to apply their learning to their workplace. » Learn more

Competition Bureau issues warning to employers about staff who post online reviews

The Competition Bureau is warning businesses to watch out for reviews posted by their employees that don’t properly disclose their business connection, pointing out they could be liable under the Competition Act — even if they're providing an honest opinion. And that holds true when posting about competitors as well, it said. » Read More...

Tech industry expecting more layoffs, but say hiring coming too this year

Tech’s biggest names spent last year in layoff mode and if the last few weeks are any indication, that pattern is continuing into this year. Two weeks into January, major tech firms such as Google, Amazon, Discord, Instagram and Duolingo have already made job cuts and several other firms are rumoured to soon be following suit. » Read More...

CEO compensation surged 75 per cent in Canada's oil and gas sector last year: Report

There has been a substantial surge in executive compensation in the oil and gas sector, according to a new report from the Bedford Consulting Group. And while there has been some progress on the diversity front, it noted that only three per cent of CEO roles are occupied by women. » Read More...
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Opioids in the Workplace

Talent Canada and OHS Canada, the nation’s leading workplace media brands, are proud to announce a collaborative virtual event on opioids and substance abuse disorders in the workplace. As Canada grapples with the opioid crisis, it is paramount for business leaders, safety professionals, and HR teams to be equipped with knowledge, strategies, and proactive approaches. Attendees will gain insights from top experts in the field, providing them with actionable strategies to ensure a safer and more supportive workplace. » Learn more

Families sue Kentucky gun shop that sold AR-15 used in 2023 bank shooting that killed 5

The Kentucky gun shop that sold an AR-15 to a man who used it to kill five co-workers and wrote in his journal the gun was “so easy” to buy is facing a lawsuit filed Monday from survivors and families of the victims. » Read More...

France fines Amazon $35 million for 'excessively intrusive' monitoring of warehouse staff

France's privacy watchdog said Tuesday that it slapped Amazon 's French warehouse business with a 32 million euro fine ($35 million) for using an “excessively intrusive system” to monitor worker performance and activity. » Read More...

A pet cat thrown off a train died in cold weather. Now thousands want the conductor to lose her job

More than 300,000 people have signed a petition calling for a Russian train conductor to lose her job after she threw a pet cat off a train, believing it was a stray. The white and ginger tom cat, known as Twix, escaped from his carrier on a train traveling between Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg on Jan. 11. » Read More...


Liz Weston: Retiring wasn’t easy - even after years of writing about it

A couple of years ago, I wrote a column about how to have a retirement worth saving for. It ended with a quote from personal finance educator Barbara O’Neill, who reflected on how the pandemic disrupted many retirees’ plans. “It wasn’t just two years lost, it was two good years,” O’Neill said then. “You don’t know how many of those you have left.” » Read More...

Young Black men in Canada face racism, ageism and classism when looking for work

Youth employment in Canada continues to be a concern. Young people between the ages of 15 and 30 are less likely to find and sustain employment compared to an older population of Canadians. According to Statistics Canada, around 11 per cent of youth aged 15-24 are unemployed. » Read More...

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How to resolve conflict simply and effectively, as well as understand and assess situations faced

In real-life conflict resolution situations, one size does not fit all. Just as a mechanic does not fix every car with the same tool, the conflict resolution practitioner cannot hope to resolve every dispute using the same technique. A wide variety of tools is needed to diagnose different problems, in vastly different circumstances, with different people, and resolve these conflicts effectively. The Conflict Resolution Toolbox gives you all the tools you need: eight different models for dealing with the many conflict situations you encounter. » Order your copy today!

Opioids in the Workplace

January 31, 2024 | Talent Canada and OHS Canada, the nation’s leading workplace media brands, are proud to announce a collaborative virtual event on opioids and substance abuse disorders in the workplace. Registration fee: $99 » Register Now

York Region: Employment Law Update with Stuart Rudner

February 8, 2024 | Richmond Hill Country Club » Read More

HR West 2024 

March 5, 2024 | Oakland Marriott City Center » Read More...