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Small businesses could get $3 billion boost if overfunded WCBs provided rebates: CFIB

According to the most recent data, boards in British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Yukon were overfunded, meaning boards exceeded their desired funding target.

Compressed work week takes off for municipal workers in Ontario's Algonquin Highlands

All but two township employees took part in a six-month trial last year before the setup was officially adopted earlier this year. Over that six-month span, a close eyes was put to staff response to the change and the level of service provided to the public.

Manitoba hires Canadian Health Labs to help recruit 150 doctors, changes rules for foreign-trained professionals

The Manitoba government has contracted with a recruitment firm to recruit 150 physicians to work in the province and has approved regulatory changes that will allow internationally educated doctors to start working sooner,

Liquor store workers in Manitoba launch one day strike to protest contract talks

Many of Manitoba's Crown-owned liquor stores closed last week and others scaled back operations as unionized workers launch a one-day strike to protest contract talks.

B.C. port workers will get eyes on contract offer from maritime employers

Thousands of workers at British Columbia's ports took off the day shift Tuesday to learn the details of an agreement struck between their union and employers.

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HANDI-GUIDE to Federal Workplace Health and Safety Legislation, 2023

The 2023 HANDI-GUIDE to Federal Workplace Health and Safety Legislation is a convenient and practical training and reference aid to help employers, supervisors, workers and other parties understand their responsibilities under federal workplace health and safety legislation. » Learn more about this valuable reference guide

Culture often cited for M&A failures: 3-phase approach can help sustain success

Most organizations and HR professionals know that mergers and acquisitions fail or run into trouble because of issues around culture and bringing together different organizations. But it is also frequently overlooked as an important driver for the success of M&As, according to new research. » Read More...

9-8-8 suicide crisis hotline set to launch Nov. 30, Ottawa provides $156 million to CAMH to support it

The money will go to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) for the implementation and operation of the 9-8-8 service, the three-digit number for suicide prevention and emotional distress. » Read More...

Ontario nurses awarded 11% raises over two years, dedicated isolation pay: Union

Nurses in Ontario have been awarded average raises of 11% over two years, according to their union. The Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) said the arbitration decision released Thursday includes "the most significant wage increases... in decades" for the 65,000 hospital-sector registered nurses (RNs) and health-care professionals it represents. » Read More...

Judge says she won't change ruling letting NFL coach's racial discrimination claims proceed to trial

federal judge said Tuesday that she's not changing her decision to let NFL Coach Brian Flores put the league and three of its teams on trial over his claims that he and other Black coaches face discrimination. » Read More...

911 workers in U.S. say centers are understaffed, struggling to hire and plagued by burnout

Emergency call center workers say their centers are understaffed, struggling to fill vacancies and plagued by worker burnout, according to a national survey released Tuesday. » Read More...

Biden administration asks employers to give more help to workers who lose Medicaid

The Biden administration asked employers to give workers who lose Medicaid coverage more time to sign up for health insurance through their jobs. Medicaid is the state- and federally funded program that covers health care costs for people with low incomes. » Read More...


FIFA Women’s World Cup: Gender equity in sports remains an issue despite the major strides being made

As the largest women’s sporting event in the world, the Women’s World Cup gives the opportunity for elite women footballers to represent their country and compete at the highest level on the world stage. » Read More...

China needs immigrants: Country forecast to lose a third of its population

China is entering a severe demographic crisis. For several centuries, the Asian nation has been the most populous country in the world. But it is now shrinking. In 2022, the country registered more deaths than births, and it will soon be surpassed by India in total population size – indeed, many demographers believe this has already occurred. » Read More...


Workforce Forward: Vancouver

September 6, 2023 | Pan Pacific »