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Employee turnover causes ripple effect, leads to more departures, UBC research finds

Employers vastly underestimate the impact of workers leaving an organization on staff left behind with a different workplace dynamic, leading to even more turnover, a new report says.

Updated for May: These companies have laid off Canadian workers in 2023

A wave of layoffs in 2022, which left thousands of Canadian workers jobless, is continuing this year as recession predictions loom and the tech sector downturn deepens.

Taco Bell holding 'hiring party' with free food as it looks to fill 400 positions

The jobs include part-time, full-time and management positions, it said. This is the third year the Mexican-inspired fast-food chain, part of Yum! Brands, is hosting the recruitment event.

Pilot program for temporary agricultural workers extended after rocky pandemic start

Canada will expand a pilot project to attract more temporary foreign workers to jobs in Canada's agricultural industry for another two years after the pandemic meant it got off to a slow start, the immigration minister announced Monday.

Nova Scotia says 148 nurses return to public health system after $10,000 bonus

Michelle Thompson says the nurses include retired, casual and travel nurses who have agreed to work in the publicly funded system for at least two years.

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Standards offer employers guidance on workers’ mental and physical health

Workers who struggle with stress are more likely to lean on at-risk coping behaviours including substance use. Employers cannot remove all workers’ stress, however, they can establish policies and programs to help prevent mental harm and create psychologically safe workplaces. Learn about the practical steps you can take to promote mental health and mitigate the risk of substance use in your workplace, and how CSA Group standards can support these efforts. » Read the article

‘The most important benefit’: NPI rolls out Declaration for Payroll

Payroll is easy to take for granted. Most workers in Canada rarely think about the processes, professionals, or systems behind it — the money arrives in their bank account as scheduled, and they go on with their days. But get it wrong, and it’s an entirely different story. » Read More...

IKEA Canada launches multimedia employer branding campaign focused on purpose

The retailer recently commissioned a survey that found nearly nine in 10 Canadians (85%) agreed that it was important to them to work for purpose-driven employers that have values similar to theirs. » Read More...

Former Ohio Lottery director conduct toward staff found improper

The sudden resignation last month of Ohio's lottery director came after he inappropriately touched two employees and sent texts "expressing inappropriate fondness and innuendo'' to members of his staff. » Read More...

Walmart employee fatally shoots customer, investigators say

An off-duty Walmart employee fatally shot a customer who tried to help a female employee who had gotten into a fight with the gunman, Florida law enforcement officials said. » Read More...

U.S. Department of Labor investigation finds children as young as 10 working in Kentucky McDonald's at 2 a.m.

Working in a kitchen late at night near dangerous cooking equipment is a reality for many adults in the food service industry. But finding 10-year-old kids in such a work environment is a cause for concern and action by the U.S. Department of Labor. » Read More...


Why three-day weekends are great for wellbeing – and the economy

The coronation of King Charles III has upped the UK’s public holiday count this year. The special public holiday on the Monday after the May 6 ceremony, combined with the early May bank holiday and the spring bank holiday at the end, has certainly made for a month of celebrations for many workers. » Read More...

Fostering psychological safety in the workplace: 4 practical, real-life tips based on science

Workplaces have come a long way from a time when safety was equated with physical safety. Occupational health and safety is no longer simply about hardhats and steel-toed work boots — it’s also about psychological safety. The emotional well-being of workers is critical to the success of any organization. » Read More...

More money for Canada’s public service workers won’t cure an unhappy workplace

Although striking Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) workers have reached a tentative deal with Canada’s federal government, the systemic workplace issues that create emotional stress, burnout and unhappy employees are still bubbling hot under the surface. » Read More...

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Workforce Forward: Virtual Conference

November 2, 2023 | Online Virtual Event »