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Employers in Penticton sing praises of hiring workers with disabilities

At a time when businesses are closing due to staffing shortages there’s a workforce out there that is ready, willing and able to do the job.

‘Late to the party’: Seasonal businesses face hiring struggle amid low jobless rate

Seasonal industries are struggling to ramp up ahead of the busy summer rush as Canada’s rock-bottom unemployment rate and swelling job vacancies create an acute hiring crunch.

U.S. civil rights enforcers warn employers against biased AI in recruitment

The federal government that artificial intelligence technology to screen new job candidates or monitor worker productivity can unfairly discriminate against people with disabilities, sending a warning to employers that the commonly used hiring tools could violate civil rights laws.

‘War for talent’: Retail, restaurants offer perks to lure workers in hot job market

When increasing wages wasn’t enough, the owner of a Halifax-area baby boutique teamed up with other retail operators in a small suburban mall to turn a part-time sales position into a full-time job.

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Reduce recruitment costs and time with the latest generation ATS

How to achieve this?
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Employers should use skill-based hiring to find hidden talent and address labour challenges

A concerning trend known as qualification inflation has been plaguing hiring practices for years. Qualification inflation — also known as degree inflation — refers to the growing number of employers requiring degrees and extensive experience for jobs. » Read More...

Canada’s Wonderland, Wet’n’Wild share mass-hiring secrets

Hiring one worker can pose enough of a challenge, but when you’re looking to hire hundreds — or even thousands — of seasonal employees, you need to take a different tact. » Read More...