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Meet me in the metaverse: Some companies set up shop in a digital environment

A growing group of companies are setting up offices in a virtual world to push the envelope and learn more about the emerging technology.

Canadians now expect to need $1.7 million in order to retire: BMO survey

That's a 20 per cent increase from 2020 and reflects concerns about inflation and higher prices.

Gallup: Just 2 in 10 employees have work 'best friend'

Employees who have a bestie at work are significantly more likely to engage customers and internal partners, get more done in less time, support a safe workplace with fewer accidents, and innovate and share ideas.

Certain business, IT consultants now exempt from Ontario's employment standards legislation

This means they are not eligible for minimum wage, overtime pay, leaves of absence, termination pay and all other ESA related benefits and entitlements.

Nova Scotia accelerates move to $15 minimum wage

Province has accepted recommendations from the Minimum Wage Review Committee, which include setting the minimum wage at $15 an hour on October 1, six months sooner than scheduled.

CEO apologizes for quoting Martin Luther King Jr. when announcing layoffs

Jennifer Tejada, CEO of PagerDuty, sent an email to all employees that outlined plans to eliminate about seven per cent of its roles.


A cautionary, and costly, tale of what happens when you mistreat employees during termination

A recent British Columbia court decision is a good example of how not to treat employees during termination. John Hyde breaks down the ruling. » Read More...

Jury calls for annual mandatory psychological checks for cops in wake of Vancouver officer's suicide

Const. Nicole Chan died during a mental health crisis after having relationships with two senior officers. » Read More...

Navigating Global Workforce Shifts, Building Resilient Organizations and Reimagining the Employee Experience

Talent Tectonics blends practical business guidance with evidence-based science to create a unique and powerful book every HR professional should read. Dr. Hunt’s experience working with hundreds of companies, technological savvy, and psychology expertise has enabled him to provide a valuable look at what companies must do to prepare for a future of work that will be very different from the past.

Steven Hunt helps us understand the major drivers of creating resilient workforces by successfully managing the intersection of people, technology, and work. » Order your copy today!

French pension reform plan triggers new strikes, protests

New nationwide strikes disrupted public transport and schools, as well as power, oil and gas supplies in France Tuesday. » Read More...

Boeing plans to cut about 2,000 finance and HR jobs in 2023

Company plans to outsource about a third of the eliminated positions to Tata Consulting Services in Bengaluru, India. » Read More...

Disney World unions vote down offer covering 45,000 workers

Workers say offer didn't go far enough in helping employees face cost-of-living hikes in housing and other expenses in central Florida. » Read More...


Worst-boss ever: Testicle punch leads to $300,000 judgment in bizarre case

I've been reading employment and labour law cases for about 25 years. And rarely have I come across a ruling that stopped me in my tracks as much as the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruling in Osmani v. Universal Structural Restorations Ltd. » Read More...

The ‘blue wall’ of silence allows bullying, sexual abuse and violence to infect police forces

A pervasive history of bullying and sexual misconduct plagues law enforcement agencies and illustrates the failure of police forces to police themselves. Perhaps this culture might also explain the acts of violence police officers perpetrate on civilians. » Read More...


CPHR BC & Yukon HR Conference and Expo

Location: Vancouver, B.C.
Date: May 2-3, 2023
»

CPHR Atlantic 2023 Annual Conference

June 19, 2023 | Halifax Convention Centre »