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Federal minimum wage rising to $16.65 per hour on April 1

Wage applies to the federally regulated private sectors, including banks, postal and courier services, and interprovincial air, rail, road, and marine transportation

Nova Scotia offering nurses up to $20,000 to keep them from leaving public health system

"Retention incentives'' are a way of thanking Nova Scotia's nurses and health-care workers, Premier Tim Houston said Monday. "My message to every nurse in the province is simple: We need you.''

Ontario to boost penalties for employers who withhold workers' passports

“My message to those scumbags out there abusing migrant workers is this: you can run but you can’t hide,” said Labour Minister.

B.C. pay transparency lands with a thud

Politicians framed the bill as a step towards fairness in a province where men earned roughly 20 per cent more per hour of work in 2021, one of the largest gender wage gaps in Canada.

Ontario's Working for Workers Act 2023 introduced in legislature

The bill includes job-protected leave for injured military reservists, increases the maximum OHS fine to $2 million; and codifies mass termination provisions for remote workers, among other changes.


Make work suck less and improve the performance of your people with this practical, hands-on guide

Work Here Now: Think Like a Human and Build a Powerhouse Workplace delivers an eye-opening roadmap to better work that generates wins for companies and employees alike. In the book, you’ll explore different ways to improve the growth-impeding, borderline inhumane people management practices we’ve created and endured over time.

Includes strategies to create a powerhouse workplace at organizational level and at the team level as well as a simple framework to help you make people-centered decisions. Work Here Now is the hands-on performance improvement tool that executives, managers, HR professionals, and other business leaders have been searching for. » Order your copy today

The days of 'shrink it and pink it' for PPE for women are over: Ontario

Province planning changes to ensure women in construction and the skilled trades feel welcome and have proper fitting gear, said Monte McNaughton. » Read More...

Meta slashing 10,000 jobs as Zuckerberg overhauls culture, calls for more in-person work

It has also unveiled sweeping cultural changes, including a plan that would see managers have no more than 10 direct reports and a call for staff to do less remote work and collaborate in-person as much as possible. » Read More...

Alberta leaving minimum wage untouched as it releases 2020 report from panel

Alberta seems to be content staying pat when it comes to the minimum wage in the province, which currently sits at $15 per hour. » Read More...

Minnesota meat processing firm accused of employing minors

Plant employed children as young as 13 to work in hazardous conditions, such as operating meat grinders, while they worked overnight shifts and longer hours than allowed by law. » Read More...

London chief 'humbled' by withering report on Britain's biggest police force

Service is riven with institutional racism, misogyny and homophobia and doesn't do enough to weed out bad officers. » Read More...

U.S. aid worker and French journalist freed in West Africa

U.S. officials said no ransom had been paid for aid worker Jeffery Woodke, praising Niger's government for helping his release. The French government did not comment on how journalist Olivier Dubois' freedom was won. » Read More...


Pierre Poilievre is popular among union members. What’s it really all about?

Overall support for the Conservatives among union members is only slightly lower than the support the party enjoys with the general population. Meanwhile, support for the New Democrats is actually lower among private sector union members than it is among the overall population. » Read More...

The AI arms race highlights the urgent need for responsible innovation

The frenzy over language processing tools such as ChatGPT has sent organizations scrambling to provide guidelines for responsible usage. » Read More...


CPHR BC & Yukon HR Conference and Expo

Location: Vancouver, B.C.
Date: May 2-3, 2023
»

CPHR Atlantic 2023 Annual Conference

June 19, 2023 | Halifax Convention Centre »