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Foreman acquitted of criminal charge in death of worker who fell during store construction in Darmouth, N.S.

Ruling covers wide range of factors, including toxicology tests that showed worker had THC in his system on day of accident and Nova Scotia's lack of regulations.

'Floatel' ship arrives in B.C. to house LNG workers, but local permit still needed

A cruise ship renovated to house more than 600 workers at a natural gas construction project north of Vancouver arrived in British Columbia waters this week after a 40-day journey from Estonia, where it had accommodated Ukrainian refugees.

'Prominent' person in B.C. wine industry under investigation for sex assault: RCMP

Police in Oliver, B.C., say they're investigating a "prominent member" of the province's wine industry for an alleged sexual assault on a Mexican migrant worker. South Okanagan RCMP say the unnamed suspect employed the worker, and they believe there are other victims or witnesses who have yet to speak to investigators.

Senate ordered to reinstate HR executive who alleged he was fired because of racism

A federal tribunal has ordered the Senate to restore an executive who said he was fired on the basis of racial discrimination. Darshan Singh served two years as the Senate's human resources director, but his lawyer Paul Champsays he has no interest in returning to the role.

CPHR president Anthony Ariganello named member of the Order of Canada

Anthony Ariganello has been named a member of the Order of Canada "for advancing national practices and standards in the accounting and human resources professions as a leading financial executive."

Do you reimburse staff for using the 407 ETR? Rates are set to jump on Feb. 1

Rates are set to jump from one cent to 11 cents per kilometre driven, depending on the time of day and the section of highway.

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Opioids in the Workplace

Talent Canada and OHS Canada, the nation’s leading workplace media brands, are proud to announce a collaborative virtual event on opioids and substance abuse disorders in the workplace. As Canada grapples with the opioid crisis, it is paramount for business leaders, safety professionals, and HR teams to be equipped with knowledge, strategies, and proactive approaches. Attendees will gain insights from top experts in the field, providing them with actionable strategies to ensure a safer and more supportive workplace. » Learn more

'A scary thing': New tool offers data, information on opioids in the workplace

Opioids in the workplace can be a sensitive issue that employers and leaders may not be comfortable addressing head on, according to Nancy Carnide, a scientist at the Institute for Work & Health (IWH). "They may not know how to, and it's a sort of a scary thing," she said. "But workplaces need to start to think about their potential role, not just in contributing to the crisis but also how they may be able to act as a prevention piece." » Read More...

Why the concept of IDEA can fall short: Insights through a psychologically safe workplace lens

On a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high), how confident are you that beyond posters, emails, colourful lanyards and offering annual diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) training, all employees feel a sense of belonging in your workplace? What is the evidence for your response? If it’s “what I think” or “my experience,” that’s not good enough. » Read More...

Worker ordered to repay settlement money in sex discrimination case after posting about it on LinkedIn

Settlement agreements often contain confidentiality and non-disparagement clauses that limit what the parties can say (or imply) about the settlement and each other, and to whom that information can be told. In L.C.C. v M.M., 2023 HRTO 1138, an employee was ordered to pay back the settlement money to the employer as a consequence of breaching the confidentiality and non-disparagement clauses. » Read More...

New labour rules in U.S. aim to offer gig workers more security, though some employers won't likely be happy

The Biden administration enacted a new rule Tuesday that aims to prevent the misclassification of workers as “independent contractors,” a step that could bolster both legal protections and compensation for many in the U.S. workforce. » Read More...

Radio reporter in Philadelphia fired over comedy act reinstated after an arbitrator finds his jokes 'funny'

A reporter who was fired for his standup comedy has been reinstated to his job at a Philadelphia-based public radio station through an arbitrator, who agreed that his jokes were, in some part, funny. » Read More...

The EU loses about a million workers per year due to aging. Migration official urges legal options

The European Union’s top official for migration said Monday that member states will have to confront tough policy challenges — even in the current election year – to cope with the continent’s aging population. Ylva Johansson, the EU home affairs commissioner, said there was a pressing need to shift away from illegal migration and find more legitimate alternatives. » Read More...


Creating a welcoming and supportive environment helps immigrants better integrate

Over the coming few years, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to come to Canada to work, study and settle. This year, the federal government has set a target of welcoming 485,000 new permanent residents. While many of those people come to Canada with hopes of establishing new and better lives, integrating and finding one’s way around a new country can often be challenging. » Read More...

What’s behind the dramatic shift in Canadian public opinion about immigration levels?

Over the past few decades, Canadians have been more positive than negative in their attitudes toward immigrants and immigration. In 2019, Canada was ranked the most accepting country for immigrants (in a survey of 145 countries) on Gallup’s Migrant Acceptance Index. But something changed in 2023. » Read More...

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How Leaders Make the Right Call with Insight, Integrity, and Empathy

"Today's business leaders are faced with complex issues that demand rapid response and a course of action that can be fraught with risk. Eric's book offers a steadfast framework for not only making balanced decisions but also communicating them with empathy and integrity—enabling you to create optimal impact with a wide range of stakeholders in these turbulent times." —KRISTIN PECK, CEO Zoetis » Order your copy today!

Opioids in the Workplace

January 31, 2024 | Talent Canada and OHS Canada, the nation’s leading workplace media brands, are proud to announce a collaborative virtual event on opioids and substance abuse disorders in the workplace. Registration fee: $99 » Register Now

York Region: Employment Law Update with Stuart Rudner

February 8, 2024 | Richmond Hill Country Club » Read More