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‘Duties may vary’: Outdated jargon in job postings is turning off candidates

In the delicate dance to attract workers, language matters — a lot. A recent survey from Randstad Canada found that word choice in job postings and descriptions is often an obstacle in attracting candidates.

Companies challenged by labour shortage seek to recruit, retain Indigenous workers

A growing number of Canadian corporations are pursuing cultural awareness training in order to get better at recruiting and retaining Indigenous employees.

Trust and stability: The hottest recruitment trend

The battlefield rules in the war for talent are changing. The pandemic has “dramatically changed, in a very fundamental way” the relationship between employers and employees in many industries.

Military sounding alarm over recruiting problems as Canadians steer clear

The Canadian Armed Forces is sounding the alarm over a severe shortage of recruits to fill thousands of vacant positions, with the shortfall so bad that senior officers are calling it a crisis.

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From spotted timberwolves to moving Mount Fuji: The art and wit of job interviews

Conducting a job interview is always more art than science, but there are some guardrails that can be put in place to ensure HR and the hiring manager get the information they need to make the best decision, according to Evert Akkerman. » Read More...

Why it makes good business sense to hire people with disabilities

Managers sometimes assume that hiring employees who live with disabilities will be more expensive. They worry that these employees will perform at a lower level, be absent more often, need expensive accommodations and will then quit. » Read More...