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Saskatchewan teachers pull volunteer services indefinitely in labour dispute

Saskatchewan teachers have withdrawn all volunteer services as they ramp up an ongoing labour dispute with the province. Meanwhile, in the legislature Monday, the governing Saskatchewan Party said it's found ways to address teachers' concerns, but the Opposition NDP dismissed those promises as little more than an election-year "pinky swear."

Harvesters refusing to fish crab in Newfoundland and Labrador, saying price too low

Crab fishing season has opened in most of Newfoundland and Labrador, but the union representing inshore harvesters says its members have left their boats tied up at the wharf.

Labour ministers from across Canada tackle workplace safety, labour issues at B.C. meeting

Federal, provincial and territorial labour ministers from across Canada met on Friday in Richmond, B.C. to address ongoing and emergent workplace safety issues. The gathering, co-hosted by Seamus O'Regan Jr., federal Minister of Labour and Seniors, and Harry Bains, Minister of Labour for British Columbia, marked a collaborative effort to harmonize safety standards and labour regulations nationally.

Ontario farmers call for improved mental health support amidst unique challenges

Farmers in Ontario, a minority group facing distinct challenges, are advocating for enhanced mental health services as they grapple with isolation, stigma, and occupational stressors. Living within a context that often restricts access to mental health resources, Ontario's farmers endure cultural and social stigmas surrounding mental health issues, compounded by their remote and socially isolated locations.

New Brunswick raises minimum wage to $15.20

New Brunswick’s minimum wage rose to $15.30 per hour on Monday last week. “Our government is committed to improving affordability for all New Brunswickers,” said Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Greg Turner.


HR turning to AI for relief from admin burden, burnout as workload rises: Study

HR professionals are embracing artificial intelligence (AI) to ease the burden of admin jobs, take away time-consuming tasks, and ultimately ease burnout, according to a new global report from Sage. » Read More...

Unemployment rate rises to 6.1 per cent in March: Statistics Canada

Canada's national unemployment rate jumped 0.3 percentage points, rising to 6.1 per cent in March, according to Statistics Canada. It also marked the sixth straight month where the employment rate fell. » Read More...

Buyer beware: Screening out snake oil workplace mental health interventions, experts

In a recent meeting hosted by a large international consulting firm, I talked with leaders who deeply care about workplace mental health. One globally well-respected mental health expert expressed concern about the number of snake oil workplace mental health products, services and programs on the market. » Read More...
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Set your virtual team on a path to success

Packed with solid advice, interviews and case studies from well-known companies who are already using virtual teams in their business model and their lessons learned, Virtual Teams for Dummies provides rock-solid guidance on the essentials for building, leading, and sustaining a highly productive virtual workforce. It helps executives understand key support strategies that lead virtual teams to success and provides practical information and tools to help leaders and their teams bridge the communication gaps created by geographical separation—and achieve peak performance. » Order Your Copy Today!

Istanbul airport provides anxious travelers with paw-sitive experience by hiring 5 therapy dogs

Five new hires are selflessly roaming the halls of one of the world’s busiest transportation hubs, hoping to provide a paw-sitively stress-free travel experience for anxious passengers. Meet Istanbul Airport’s therapy dogs — always ready to offer support with snuggles, belly rubs and sloppy kisses. » Read More...

Norfolk Southern agrees to pay $600M in settlement related to train derailment in eastern Ohio

Norfolk Southern has agreed to pay $600 million (all figures U.S.) in a class-action lawsuit settlement related to a fiery train derailment in February 2023 in eastern Ohio. The company said the agreement, if approved by the court, will resolve all class action claims within a 20-mile radius from the derailment and, for those residents who choose to participate, personal injury claims within a 10-mile radius from the derailment. » Read More...

Content creation holds appeal for laid-off workers seeking flexibility

With a compact mirror in one hand and an eyelash curler in the other, Grace Xu told her roughly 300,000 TikTok followers she was likely about to be laid off. She was right, she tells them in a subsequent clip. But she was planning to pursue a different career anyway: as a content creator. “I guess the decision has been made on my behalf,” she tells viewers in the video posted earlier this year. » Read More...


AI will not revolutionize business management but it could make it worse

It is no exaggeration to say that the democratization of new forms of artificial intelligence (AI), such as ChatGPT (OpenAI), Gemini/Bard (Google) and Copilot (Microsoft), is a societal revolution of the digital age. The mainstream use of AI systems is a disruptive force in a number of areas including university education, the legal system and, of course, the work world. » Read More...

National Caregiver Day: Canadian organizations need to better support carer-employees in the workplace

As Canada observes National Caregiver Day, it’s a special occasion for recognizing and honouring those who provide unpaid care to those in need. Unpaid care work is the backbone of the health-care system. Carers of all ages — youth, seniors and those in the prime of their careers — contribute to the overall health of the country, its labour markets and economic development. » Read More...


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