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Next week members of the Talent Canada team will join the Sunrise Challenge to support the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. There's still time to register your own team to support the cause - and give our corporate team a run for our money!
- Brandi Cowen, Editor

Union application to represent Amazon warehouse workers in Laval, Quebec certified

A Quebec-based union says its application to represent around 200 Amazon.com Inc. workers has been certified by the province's Administrative Labour Tribunal. It's the first time in Canada that employees have unionized at an Amazon warehouse.

Spy agency reveals 24 harassment investigations in annual report

Canada’s spy agency has released its annual public report, revealing that it dealt with 24 harassment investigations last year involving complaints by its staff. But the chief human resources officer for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service says the number of investigations shouldn’t be used to criticize the agency, and they instead show more employees are placing “faith and confidence in CSIS’ internal grievance process.”

For moms-to-be, it’s possible to take maternity leave without breaking the bank

Pregnancy is often an exciting and anxious time for parents-to-be. And while painting the nursery and choosing a stroller are typically on the agenda, experts say preparing financially for a maternity leave can help reduce stress later on as well.


Is a right to disconnect on the horizon?

The federal government has proposed that the Labour Program (a federal institution that's part of Employment and Social Development Canada) work towards implementing legislative changes to the Canada Labour Code requiring federally regulated employers to develop and establish right to disconnect policies that would limit work-related communications outside of scheduled working hours. » Read More...

Buyer beware: Screening out snake oil workplace mental health interventions, experts

When a product or solution does not consider that marginalized and languishing employees have different experiences, it can cause mental harm to these populations who see no way to engage in or obtain the proposed benefits because of their current life situation. » Read More...
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Five common misconceptions around vacation law in Canada

The rules surrounding vacation time and vacation pay are some of the most complicated, but least understood, part of employment law in Canada. When a dispute arises over vacation, the answer is almost never clear and the liabilities can sometimes be severe. Minor missteps add up over time, becoming huge potential sources of liability down the road. » Read More...

Tales from HR: ‘Equal treatment is for everyone else – I’m special’

It may be that some CEOs are stuck on HR as payroll and birthday cakes, but some job candidates cling to this assumption as well. In their minds, HR is a roadblock that stands between them and success. The truth is, workplace relationships may go awry when human resources' role is misunderstood. » Read More...


Students with dyslexia face challenges transitioning to the workplace, but can thrive with support

Transitioning from university to the workplace is a critical period in anyone’s life, but it can be especially challenging for students with dyslexia. While academic settings often offer accommodations for people with dyslexia, professional environments often fall short on such support systems. Fortunately, there are strategic interventions that can be established in workplaces to help individuals with dyslexia not only adapt, but excel in their careers. » Read More...


Partners in Prevention H&S Conference – Eastern

June 11, 2024 | Ottawa Conference & Event Centre » Register now

Partners in Prevention H&S Conference

June 20, 2024 | Holiday Inn Sudbury » Register now

SHRM Annual Conference & Expo 2024

June 23, 2024 | McCormick Place, Chicago » Register now