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New report calls for better workplace support as unmanaged menopause symptoms take toll on economy

Unmanaged symptoms of menopause cost the Canadian economy an estimated $3.5 billion per year, with working women bearing the brunt of the costs, according to new report released by the Menopause Foundation of Canada (MFC).

Air Canada pilot’s ‘unacceptable’ posts against Israel result in job loss

The posts allegedly depict the man wearing Palestinian colours — overtop his flight uniform in one photo — holding signs reading “Isr*el Hitler is proud of you” and showing an Israeli flag dumped in a garbage can above the caption, “Keep the world clean.”

Albertans demand details, risk assessment in telephone town hall on quitting CPP

The provincial panel gathering feedback on whether Alberta should quit the Canada Pension Plan heard arguments for and against the idea in a telephone town hall Monday, but the overriding theme was a demand for details in order to make an informed decision.

Unifor members at GM vote 80 per cent in favour of new contract

The newly bargained agreement covers more than 4,300 workers at the Oshawa Assembly Plant, St. Catharines Powertrain Plant and Woodstock Parts Distribution Centre in Ontario.

HRPA issues statement on Israel/Hamas conflict, encourages leader to show compassion, check-in and offer support

The Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) has issued a statement regarding the recent events and conflict in Israel, and offered advice for leaders to support employees directly impacted.

Canadian tech workers earn almost $40,000 less than American counterparts, research shows

Anecdotally, the story has always been that tech workers in the United States earn a lot more than their Canadian counterparts. Now, we have data that backs up that assumption — and puts a number on it.

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Secure Your Seat at PIP Regional Conferences This Fall!

Health and safety leaders are ready to focus forward with A Shared Vision for a sustainable future, driven by a more resilient workforce and a collaborative, proactive approach.

Our Partners in Prevention Conference Series is customized to help businesses develop a blueprint for a sustainable path forward with workable tools to manage risk and strengthen health & safety strategies.

This is an opportunity for transformational learning through shared experiences, open dialogue, and cooperative successes. Explore best practice approaches to enhancing business performance, strategies to promote a healthy and safe workplace culture and workable tactics to keep employees engaged and productive. The conferences will spotlight urgent and emerging issues while reinforcing the importance of basics and re-establishing core strategies. Sessions to include topics such as:
  • mental health/psychological safety
  • ministry initiatives
  • employer due diligence
  • legal/legislative compliance
  • JHSC rejuvenation
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PIP Forum North Conference | November 7-8, 2023
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Male-dominated industries grapple with unique challenges in women's health

In a recent panel discussion that brought together experts from various fields, the topic of unique considerations for women's health in male-dominated industries was explored. » Read More...

When does a signed release from an employee hold up? Lessons from a recent human rights claim

The applicant, Nikhat Kamal, had been employed by the corporate respondent, TACTEL Swing Stage Limited for around three and a half years — from September 2014 to March 2018. Upon termination, Kamal signed a full and final release in exchange for an additional four weeks of pay on top of her employment standards entitlements. » Read More...

Ford Executive Chair Bill Ford calls on autoworkers to end strike, says company's future is at stake

Ford said high labour costs could limit spending to develop new vehicles and invest in factories. "It's the absolute lifeblood of our company. And if we lose it, we will lose to the competition. America loses. Many jobs will be lost,'' said the great grandson of company founder Henry Ford. » Read More...

The tale of the two-sandwich lunch: U.K. court upholds Citibank's firing of banker for expense fraud

A British judge has ruled that the bank was entitled to sack Szabolcs Fekete for gross misconduct because he lied when he claimed to have consumed two sandwiches, two coffees and two pasta dishes during a work trip, when he had really shared them with his partner. » Read More...

College athletes in U.S. are fighting to get a cut from the billions they generate in media rights deals

At a reception attended by several university presidents in Manhattan, Arizona State President Michael Crowe was asked to ponder a not-too-distant future where Sun Devils football and basketball players get a cut from the billions of dollars their sports generate in media rights deals. "I don't support that. And so are we preparing for it? The answer is no, we're not,'' Crowe recalled. » Read More...

Kaiser Permanente reaches a tentative deal with U.S. health care worker unions after a recent strike

Unions representing 85,000 health care workers have reached a tentative agreement with industry giant Kaiser Permanente following a strike over wages and staffing levels, the parties announced Friday. » Apply Now


Liz Weston: Someday your boss could help you save for emergencies

When I wrote about employer-provided emergency savings accounts four years ago, the idea was still pretty novel. Some companies in the U.S. were experimenting with ways to help their workers save for short-term needs, but the concept wasn't even on the radar for many employers. What a difference the pandemic made. » Read More...

Politicians come and go, but the clock is now ticking on long-promised pharmacare

The sword of Damocles hangs over the Trudeau government as it prepares a pharmacare bill that must be passed this year to uphold its supply and confidence agreement with the NDP. This month might be the most crucial time in the history of pharmacare, the long-promised yet undelivered program that would add necessary medicines to Canada’s national health insurance system. » Read More...

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In Her Shoes: Conversations on women’s health in the workplace

Talent Canada has partnered with Sun Life on a special seven-part series focused on women’s health in the workplace. From reproductive health to menopause, from the lack of clinical research to difficulties accessing care, the expert panel tackled some of the most important challenges facing your workers.

See the full multimedia series at » www.TalentCanada.ca/womens-health.

Workforce Forward: Virtual Conference 

November 2, 2023 | Online Virtual Event »

Partners in Prevention H&S Conference (Forum North) – Thunder Bay 

November 7, 2023 | Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre 555 Arthur St. W. Thunder Bay, Ontario P7E 5R5 » Read More...