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Shopify CEO discouraging staff from side hustles that divert attention from company

Tobi Lutke says he felt like he was on the Truman Show when he recently learned the company was handing out offer letters to prospective hires encouraging side gigs.

TVO employees vote to reject 'final' contract offer as strike heads into 7th week

Workers at Ontario's public broadcaster have voted to reject what the company's management says is its "final'' offer after nearly six weeks of labour action.

Statistics Canada says job vacancies continued to fall in July

Statistics Canada says the number of job vacancies in July fell 5.8 per cent to their lowest level since May 2021.

Older workers increasingly seeking entry-level jobs in Canada: Survey

More than seven in 10 (71%) hiring decision-makers report that they are seeing more applications from older workers for these roles compared to three years ago.

Ceridian to rebrand as Dayforce in early 2024

Dayforce is the company’s flagship HCM platform, and the focus on that brand “signals the ambitions and opportunity of the company,” it said.

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In Her Shoes: Conversations on women’s health in the workplace

Talent Canada has partnered with Sun Life on a special seven-part series focused on women’s health in the workplace. From reproductive health to menopause, from the lack of clinical research to difficulties accessing care, the expert panel tackled some of the most important challenges facing your workers.

See the full multimedia series at » www.TalentCanada.ca/womens-health.

Maternal and reproductive health in the workplace: A call for holistic support from employers

Amid growing discussions about the need for more inclusive and supportive workplaces, experts and advocates shed light on the unique challenges and needs related to maternal and reproductive health at a recent panel discussion. » Read More...

Rogers ordered to produce past severance packages in wrongful dismissal lawsuit

Saarinen v Rogers Communications Ltd., 2023 ONSC 4328, is a recent decision which demonstrates that Ontario courts are willing to order employers to produce past severance packages during a wrongful dismissal action. Employers should be aware of the reasons why the court made such an order and how to protect themselves. » Read More...

Breaking the silence: Addressing the impact of menopause in the workplace

As the dialogue around diversity, equity, and inclusion grows in workplaces across the country, a crucial yet often overlooked topic is emerging: menopause. It’s a stage of life that impacts millions of working women, yet it remains shrouded in silence and stigma. » Read More...

Head of HR among those arrested by Indian police during raid of news outlet

Police in New Delhi have arrested the editor of a news website and one of its administrators after raiding the homes of journalists working for the site, which has been critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Hindu nationalist-led government. » Apply Now

Senators nix casual clothing as bipartisan resolution in U.S. sets new dress code for Senate floor

No shorts on the Senate floor. The Senate voted last Wednesday to reverse an informal guidance issued by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer last week that senators could wear what they want when voting or speaking in the chamber. » Apply Now

Washington state minimum wage moving up to $16.28 per hour

A full-time worker making that wage would earn nearly $34,000 per year. The 3.37% increase is a cost-of-living adjustment based on the federal Consumer Price Index. Washington's minimum wage of $15.74 an hour is currently the highest state-level minimum wage in the nation. » Apply Now

Fires on Indonesia's Sumatra island cause smoky haze, prompting calls for people to work from home

More than 300 forest and peatland fires on Indonesia's Sumatra island caused hazy skies across the region on Monday, prompting government officials to ask people to work from home. » Apply Now


ESG bonuses are on the rise: Are they improving sustainability or just increasing executive wealth?

An increasing number of companies are paying bonuses to executives in the pursuit of sustainability. Driven by an ever-growing focus on global issues, more than three-quarters of large, publicly traded companies in Europe and North America now use environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) metrics when determining executive bonuses. » Read More...

Writing songs about the unsung heroes: 2023 OHS Honours

It has been an incredible couple of weeks behind the editor’s desk at OHS Canada, a sister publication to Talent Canada. August and September are amongst the busiest periods for us as we sift through the nominations that pour in for OHS Honours and the Top 25 Under 40. It’s humbling to be able to craft and tell the stories of these professionals and organizations. » Read More...

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Make work suck less and improve the performance of your people with this practical, hands-on guide

Work Here Now: Think Like a Human and Build a Powerhouse Workplace delivers an eye-opening roadmap to better work that generates wins for companies and employees alike. In the book, you’ll explore different ways to improve the growth-impeding, borderline inhumane people management practices we’ve created and endured over time. Includes strategies to create a powerhouse workplace at organizational level and at the team level as well as a simple framework to help you make people-centered decisions. » Order your copy today

Partners in Prevention H&S Conference (Southwestern)

October 18, 2023 | Bingemans Conference Centre, Kitchener, Ont. » Read More...

Workforce Forward: Virtual Conference 

November 2, 2023 | Online Virtual Event »