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Windsor Salt suspends negotiations with union after worker attacked by people wearing masks, carrying bats

Police in Windsor, Ont., are investigating after three people wearing masks and armed with baseball bats broke into a salt mine and attacked an employee.

Ontario municipality fined $100K after HR failed to validate certification for newly hired water worker

The Town of Orangeville's HR department is in the spotlight after it hired a water worker who falsely claimed to have a valid certification.

Quebec's minimum wage rises to $15.25

Quebec's minimum wage rose by one dollar to $15.25 as of May 1. The Quebec government says it is trying to improve the purchasing power of low-income earners and encourage participation in the labour market.

Pension bill that gives plan members 'super-priority' during windups, bankruptcies receives royal assent

Bill C-228, a private members' bill, was a "change many years in the making," said Lana Payne, national president for Unifor.

Yukon government offering rebate to employers to cover paid sick leave for workers

Employers in Manitoba can now apply for a grant to help offset the cost of third-party training for new and existing employees. Employers are eligible to receive a maximum of $10,000 per employee and $100,000 per training project.


The Green Book

The Pocket Ontario OH&S Act and Regulations 2023  includes the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act, plus all applicable regulations. With a small pocket format and drilled holes, this book is suitable for posting purposes under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and to meet your reference and training needs. 

The 2023 Edition of the Pocket Ontario OH&S Act and Regulations - Consolidated Edition reflects all legislative amendments gazetted up to January 21, 2023. » Order your copy today!

'Smash through the stigma': Ontario funding program to find jobs for people with criminal records

The Ontario government is spending $12 million to help people leaving jail, or with prior criminal records, to find jobs. » Read More...

NB Power cuts ties with private instructor for driving truck into federal picketers

New Brunswick's Crown energy corporation has cut ties with a private instructor after a video surfaced showing a heavy NB Power truck driving into a group of federal public service picketers and pushing one down the street. » Read More...

85% of Mexican union contracts weren't voted on by workers

Mexico's Labor Department said 85% of the country's 140,000 officially registered labor contracts are in danger of being canceled because they failed to meet Monday's deadline to have union members vote on them. » Read More...

LAX test-driving AI detection technology to screen workers for weapons, other prohibited items

Airport evaluating a new system to screen employees for weapons that doesn't require them to empty out their pockets of things like keys and cellphones. » Read More...

On May Day, workers around the globe rally for better labor conditions

Workers and activists around the world marked May Day on Monday with rallies calling for higher salaries, reduced working hours and other better working conditions. » Read More...


Post-pandemic work in the public sector: A new way forward or a return to the past?

Three years after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic in March 2020, many public health restrictions have been lifted and organizations are requiring workers to return to the office. The desired return to pre-pandemic societal norms versus the pushback from employees who want to continue to enjoy the benefits of working from home has sparked debate about what the future job market will look like. » Read More...

Are you under digital distress? 3 ways tech-triggers may be affecting your mental health

Mental Health Week, which runs from May 1 to 7, provides an opportunity to reflect on our collective well-being. In addition to rising mental health issues, there seems to be a general malaise across normally well individuals in society. » Read More...


Workforce Forward: Virtual Conference

November 2, 2023 | Online Virtual Event »