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Young Canadian workers feel isolated and lonely, TELUS Health finds

TELUS Health has released its Mental Health Index, with reports that examine the mental health of employed people in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

Auditor general’s office fires two workers who made extra cash with federal contracts

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has signalled that his Liberal government is rethinking how it evaluates and accepts proposals for work following the recent firing of two public servants who were making side money from federal contracts.

Ontario municipality of North Perth rolling out branding to boost workforce attraction

A myriad of various branding materials, dedicated to workforce attraction, will be available to local employers by the end of the month on the municipality’s website.

B.C. legislation will allow it to hold companies accountable for 'hurting people'

British Columbia is going after corporate wrongdoers to recover the costs of public-health harms their products cause to people, the province said. The public health accountability and cost recovery act will provide the tools necessary for the government to recover costs associated with the promotion, marketing and distribution of products that are harmful to adults and children.

Airbus workers at Mirabel reject latest company offer, give union strike mandate

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers issued a news release saying of the approximately 82 per cent of Local 712 members who voted on the proposal, 99.6 per cent followed the negotiating committee's recommendation and voted against it.

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Well-being depends on developing healthy physical, mental fitness habits

Well-being implies you are in a positive state of physical and mental health where you wake up feeling good and confident you can function to your potential in your work and home lives. The World Health Organization suggests good mental health is when you can cope with everyday life stresses, work productively, and realize your potential. » Read More...

Ontario has to pay public sector workers $6B and counting in Bill 124 compensation

Ontario is so far on the hook for more than $6 billion in payments to broader public sector workers as a result of the provincial government's wage restraint legislation being found unconstitutional. » Read More...

Most recent Canadian immigrants have experienced or witnessed 'overt' racist remarks at work: Survey

About seven in 10 (70.4 per cent) recent Canadian immigrants said they have witnessed or experienced overt racist remarks from colleagues or superiors in their workplaces, according to a new survey. "While we know anecdotally that new immigrants suffer bias and discrimination in the Canadian workplace, it's both jarring and disappointing to see that it happens so openly and frequently," said Pablo Listingart, founder and executive-director of ComIT.org. » Read More...
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Unilever to cut 7,500 jobs and spin off its ice cream business, which includes Ben & Jerry's

Unilever, the company that makes Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Dove soaps and Vaseline, said Tuesday that it is cutting 7,500 jobs and spinning off its ice cream business to reduce costs and boost profits. » Read More...

Workers at Tennessee Volkswagen factory ask for vote on representation by United Auto Workers union

Workers at the 3.8 million square foot (353,353 square meter) factory on Monday filed paperwork with the National Labor Relations Board seeking an election on union representation, the UAW said. » Read More...

Uber pays $178 million to end legal fight with Australian taxi drivers

Global rideshare giant Uber will pay 272 million Australian dollars ($178 million US) to settle a long-running dispute with Australian taxi and hire car drivers who lost out when the company entered the Australian market. A class action against Uber had been expected to go to trial in the Supreme Court of Victoria on Monday. » Read More...


Bereavement policies need to be updated to better support employees affected by MAID

Imagine your elderly parent has just made the decision to use medical assistance in dying (MAID) services. Your parent, who has a terminal diagnosis and is suffering and in pain, made this choice after careful consideration, medical guidance and a heartfelt talk with family. » Read More...

Who will look after us in our final years? A pay rise alone won’t solve aged-care workforce shortages

Aged-care workers in Australia will receive a significant pay increase after the Fair Work Commission ruled they deserved substantial wage rises of up to 28%. The federal government has committed to the increases, but is yet to announce when they will start. But while wage rises for aged-care workers are welcome, this measure alone will not fix all workforce problems in the sector. » Read More...


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