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Industry leaders slam bill to ban replacement workers during strikes

The Liberals’ legislation would be applicable to federally regulated industries such as air travel, ports, banking and telecommunications and fine companies $100,000 a day for each violation.

Ontario to ban unpaid restaurant trial shifts, strengthen rules against deducting wages in case of customer theft

While it is already the law that employees must be paid for all hours worked, unpaid trial shifts are still happening as part of the interview process in some restaurants, so the practice will be specifically prohibited.

Unifor auto talks: A quiet end to one of the year's biggest labour clashes

One of Canada's most highly anticipated set of labour talks in years wrapped up last week, but there's no victory parade planned. Unifor's marathon three months of high profile contact talks with the Detroit Three automakers — where gains and losses often set the tone for other industries — instead ended with a tepid 60 per cent vote of support from Stellantis production workers.

Legal rights for employees posting about the Israel-Hamas war: 'Some off-duty conduct can result in discipline or dismissal'

As the Israel-Hamas war enters its second month, people in Canada and around the world are taking to the streets and social media to express their views on the conflict. For some people speaking up has resulted in job loss as the division deepens, with corporations and organizations making statements of their own that may contradict their employees' opinions.

These companies have laid off Canadian workers in 2023

A wave of layoffs last year, which left thousands of Canadian workers jobless, is continuing this year as recession predictions loom and the tech sector downturn deepens.

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In Her Shoes: Conversations on women’s health in the workplace

Talent Canada has partnered with Sun Life on a special seven-part series focused on women’s health in the workplace. From reproductive health to menopause, from the lack of clinical research to difficulties accessing care, the expert panel tackled some of the most important challenges facing your workers.

See the full multimedia series at » www.TalentCanada.ca/womens-health.

Ontario's latest workplace contains numerous items of interest for employers

Ontario is set to overhaul its workplace legislation — again — with the introduction of the Working for Workers Four Act, 2023. These proposed changes expand on what the province calls "historic" measures in introduced in previous workplace legislation in 2021, 2022 and 2023. The current legislation, if passed, would make a number of critical changes for employers. » Read More...

How HR leaders can enhance team success through mental health initiatives

One of the most vital responsibilities you have as an HR leader is ensuring the well-being of your team members. While physical health often takes the front seat, it's crucial not to overlook the importance of mental health in the workplace. Prioritizing a team's mental health is essential to fostering a healthy and productive work environment. » Read More...
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Leadership Isn't What You Know, It’s What You Show

The Act of Leadership contains the insights, techniques and habits you need to thrive, professionally and personally. By combining real-life case studies, cutting-edge research and incisive coaching techniques this one-stop leadership playbook will help you better understand yourself and the people around you, so you can be not only the leader you want to be, but the person your people need you to be, both at work and at home. » Order your copy!

Stellantis to offer buyout and early retirement packages to 6,400 U.S. nonunion salaried workers

Stellantis said Monday it will offer buyout or early retirement packages to about 6,400 nonunion U.S. salaried employees as the auto industry faces what the company is calling challenging market conditions. T » Read More...

Hyundai joins Honda and Toyota in raising wages after auto union wins gains in deals with Detroit 3

South Korean automaker Hyundai has joined Honda and Toyota in raising factory worker wages after the United Auto Workers union reached new contract agreements with Detroit automakers. Hyundai said Monday it will raise factory worker pay 25% by 2028, matching the general wage increase won by the UAW during that period. » Read More...

Saints receiver Michael Thomas arrested after confrontation with construction worker

New Orleans Saints receiver Michael Thomas is facing simple battery and criminal mischief charges following a confrontation with a construction worker, police said Saturday. » Read More...


How workplaces can create more inclusive environments for employees with deafness and hearing loss

Hearing loss is a critical diversity, equity and inclusion issue for managers and employers. Persons with hearing loss are a growing population around the world. According to the World Health Organization, over five per cent of the world’s population — or 430 million people — have disabling hearing loss. » Read More...

Levelling the playing field: The case for a federal ‘anti-scab’ law

The federal government has just introduced Bill C-58, its much anticipated “anti-scab” legislation. If adopted, the law will prohibit the use of replacement workers in the event of a strike or lockout in any federally regulated industry. The legislation will also require the parties to negotiate a maintenance of activities agreement in advance of a labour dispute to allow for the undertaking of maintenance work to protect the integrity and safety of the workplace. » Read More...


You're Not Alone: Crafting Strong Workplace Policies

Join Talent Canada for an informative and insightful webinar as we delve into the critical topic of workplace harassment and violence policies. In this session, you will gain insights from John Hyde, an employment lawyer at Hyde HR Law. He will guide you through the complexities of crafting and implementing effective workplace policies that safeguard your organization and its employees. » Register now

Partners in Prevention 2023 Regional Health & Safety Conference: Golden Horseshoe 

November 17, 2023 | Fallsview Casino Resort, Niagara Falls, Ontario » Read More...

Strategic Grievance Handling

November 21, 2023 | Ottawa, Ontario »