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Railway union warns work stoppage looms after CN, CPKC seek conciliation

The union representing 9,300 workers at Canada's two biggest railways says public safety is at stake after contract negotiations ground to a halt this month, with a potential strike on the horizon. Teamsters Canada president François Laporte said demands by Canadian National Railway Co. and Canadian Pacific Kansas City Ltd. are "non-negotiable."

Saskatchewan teachers to stop lunch supervision as part of job action over contract

Saskatchewan teachers were expected to stop noon-hour supervision to get the government to address their demands. The Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation says instructors plan to leave during lunch and then return, as it's a task they do on a voluntary basis.

Ford CEO says company will rethink where it builds vehicles after last year's autoworkers strike

Last fall's contentious United Auto Workers' strike changed Ford's relationship with the union to the point where it will “think carefully” about where it builds future vehicles, Ford's top executive said last week.

Aging population will widen labour gap in Canadian agriculture: report

A new report says by 2030, Canada's agriculture industry will have a domestic labour gap of more than 100,000 jobs. The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council says the forecast represents a 15 per cent increase compared with the number of jobs in 2023 that couldn't be filled by Canadian residents.

Bell CEO, other execs called to committee to testify over recent job cuts

Members of Parliament have invited several top executives from BCE Inc. and Bell Canada to testify later this month about the company's decision to cut about nine per cent of its workforce this year. The House of Commons heritage committee has agreed to invite BCE Inc. CEO Mirko Bibic to address the cuts, which include impacts on newsrooms across the country.


Professional abuse takes a significant toll in workplaces, including turnover and reputational damage

Have you worked with or for someone who is a charmer to some people yet simultaneously harmful to others? Maybe you’ve seen the media highlight these people in politics or the entertainment industry, or traditionally male-dominated sectors? They hold such power and influence that they can hire, fire, and destroy another person’s career simply by gossiping and undermining them within their network. » Read More...

Updated: These companies have laid off Canadian workers in 2024

Canadians are continuing to be laid off as part of a wave of job cuts that began in 2023 as companies assessed their operations after the height of the COVID-19 pandemic passed. Tech companies, retailers and more have all begun shedding members of their workforce in a bid to navigate the economic downturn. These are some of the companies which have so far laid off Canadian workers in 2024. » Read More...

Strike at the Eiffel Tower closes one of the world's most popular monuments to visitors

Visitors to the Eiffel Tower were turned away on Monday because of a strike over poor financial management at one of the world’s most-visited sites. A sign was posted at the entrance in English, saying: “Due to a strike, the Eiffel Tower is closed. We apologize.” » Read More...

Trump wants to fire thousands of government workers. Liberals are preparing to fight back if he wins

Former President Donald Trump has plans to radically reshape the federal government if he returns to the White House, from promising to deport millions of immigrants in the U.S. illegally to abolishing government agencies and firing tens of thousands of workers and replacing them with loyalists. » Read More...

New Mexico's Democrat-led House rejects proposal for paid family and medical leave

New Mexico's Democrat-led House of Representatives narrowly rejected a bill last week that would have guaranteed paid time off for workers to cope with serious illnesses or care for newborns and loved ones, amid concern about companies' opposition in an election year. » Read More...


Back in the day, being woke meant being smart

If Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had his way, the word “woke” would be banished from public use and memory. As he promised in Iowa in December 2023 during his failed presidential campaign, “We will fight the woke in education, we will fight the woke in the corporations, we will fight the woke in the halls of Congress. We will never, ever surrender to the woke mob.” » Read More...

South Africa has spent billions in 4 years to create jobs for young people: how their wages affect the broader economy

In October 2020 the South African government launched a collection of public employment programmes, initially intended as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative, called the Presidential Employment Stimulus, has been extended since then. The total budget allocation to March 2024 was R42 billion (US$2.1 billion). By December 2023 it had directly created 1.8 million jobs and livelihood opportunities. » Read More...

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