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Canada lags behind peer countries on female representation in management: report

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce says female leaders in the corporate world still face barriers, with significant gaps in business ownership, representation and compensation.

Costs — not driver shortage — now biggest wrench in gears of trucking firms: Report

A new report from a trucking association finds that rising costs in the industry have overtaken the driver shortage as the biggest concern for employers.

Quebec SAQ liquor store employees give green light for limited strike

Members of a union representing more than 5,000 Société des alcools du Québec employees have voted in favour of a strike that threatens to temporarily close some of the province's government-owned liquor stores.

N.B. Covered Bridge Potato Chips factory destroyed by fire, premier offers sympathies to workers

New Brunswick's premier is offering his sympathies to workers and their families after a fire destroyed the Covered Bridge Potato Chips factory in Hartland, N.B.

Lion Electric lays off 100 more workers after $100 million earnings loss

The move affects workers — mainly on the nightshift — at its Saint-Jérôme factory in Quebec’s Laurentian region.


Racism remains an ugly reality for many in Canada: For women, it's even worse

Racism is a sad truth in Canadian society, and the workplace is not immune. KPMG’s recently released research of 1,000 Canadian professionals who identify as Black found that in the past year alone, 81 per cent endured some form of racism or microaggression in their workplace.  » Read More...

Navigating Ontario's ESA: Length of service calculated four different ways

Several entitlements under the Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000 (“ESA”) are based on an employee’s length of service with an employer. This includes an employee’s entitlement to notice of termination, severance pay, vacation and leaves of absence. However, it may surprise an employer to know that an employee’s length of service is calculated differently depending on both the circumstances and entitlement at issue. » Read More...
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AI pervades everyday life with almost no oversight. States scramble to catch up

While artificial intelligence made headlines with ChatGPT, behind the scenes, the technology has quietly pervaded everyday life — screening job resumes, rental apartment applications, and even determining medical care in some cases. » Read More...

California ski resort workers tunnel their way into the office after getting 10 feet of snow

Going to the office has been no small feat for Jon Slaughter's marketing team at Sugar Bowl, requiring the employees to dig down several feet and then tunnel through to the front door after a powerful blizzard dumped more than 10 feet (three meters) of snow on the Northern California ski resort. » Read More...

Local transport in much of Germany hit by strikes in a dispute over working conditions

Local buses, subway trains and trams ground to a halt in much of Germany on Friday, at the peak of a week of walkouts by employees demanding better working conditions. » Read More...


Stop breaking women’s hearts at work: 7 ways to make workplaces better for cardiovascular health

Prominent heart health messaging focuses on the role of lifestyle behaviours (such as physical activity and nutrition) in cardiovascular health. However, the role of social determinants of health (or SoDH) — which include sex, gender, poverty, environment — is also well established. » Read More...

My path to CPA: Hitting a ceiling and pursuing career growth

When Christina Callander, CPA, CMA decided to pursue a CPA designation, she had hit a ceiling with her career growth. She felt the CPA designation would bring her the most value and alignment with her goals. » Read More...


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