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Quebec trucking company ordered to reinstate driver fired for drinking and driving

Labour arbitrator Huguette April says the driver’s drinking was from alcoholism — a disability — and that trucking company Groupe Robert should have made a reasonable accommodation for her.

Metro stores in Greater Toronto Area close as workers go on strike

Toronto-area residents hoping to pick up groceries at Metro Inc. were greeted by closed doors and picket lines at many locations on Saturday as thousands of employees formally went on strike at 27 stores across the region.

Canadian women strike interim labour deal but say plenty more needs to be settled

The Canadian women's soccer team confirmed Friday it has reached an interim labour agreement with Canada Soccer covering compensation for 2023, including prize money from the ongoing FIFA Women's World Cup.

Staff at lodge for LNG workers in Kitimat, B.C., win 40% pay bump, averting strike

The workers' union, Unite Here Local 40, says in a statement the new deal was reached after mediation with the employer at the BC Labour Board.

CCOHS offers handbook to help employers prepare for impact, challenges of climate change on workers

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) has published a new handbook to help employers prepare for the impact and challenges of climate change on their workers and their business.

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Regulating the invisible: Employers grapple with AI policies in the workplace

In an age of relentless technological advancement, employers are struggling with what — exactly — to do about some of the powerful AI tools that are bubbling up and being embraced by staff both with and without permission. » Read More...

Perils of terminating staff with medical conditions: Worker, fired after being injured in car crash, awarded $80K

Zameel v ABC Group Product Development, 2023 HRTO 533, is a recent Ontario Human Rights Tribunal decision that highlights the difficulty and dangers of terminating an employee who has disclosed medical conditions (or other protected grounds under the Human Rights Code.) » Read More...

Ontario orders review of school principal's suicide amid racism accusations during workplace training

Ontario's education minister said his staff would review the allegations of a principal who died by suicide after launching a lawsuit against the Toronto District School Board for allegedly failing to support him when he was accused of racism during a professional training session. » Read More...

Job openings in U.S. fall to lowest level in 2 years as demand for workers cools

U.S. employers posted fewer jobs in June, a sign that the red-hot demand for workers that has been a key feature of the post-pandemic economy is cooling a bit. » Read More...

Customers want instant gratification. Workers say it's pushing them to the brink

Six straight days of 12-hour driving. Single digit paychecks. The complaints come from workers in vastly different industries: UPS delivery drivers and Hollywood actors and writers. But they point to an underlying factor driving a surge of labor unrest: The cost to workers whose jobs have changed drastically as companies scramble to meet customer expectations for speed and convenience in industries transformed by technology. » Read More...

U.S. trucking giant Yellow is shutting down and headed for bankruptcy, says Teamsters Union

Trucking company Yellow Corp. has shut down operations and is headed for a bankruptcy filing, according to the Teamsters Union and multiple media reports. » Read More...


The progress of women in the workplace is at a standstill. How can we break through the glass ceiling?

Women are promoted less than men because they are deemed to have less leadership potential than men. These are the findings of a study published in 2022 by professors Alan Benson of the University of Minnesota, Danielle Li of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) and Kelly Shue of Yale University and the NBER. » Read More...

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Workforce Forward: Vancouver

September 6, 2023 | Pan Pacific »