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CEOs got smaller raises. It would still take a typical worker two lifetimes to make their annual pay

After ballooning for years, CEO pay growth is slowing. The typical compensation package for chief executives who run S&P 500 companies rose just 0.9% last year, to a median of $14.8 million.

'Good news': Nixing Canadian experience rule spells opportunity for foreign engineers

Dmytro Zaitsev had more than a decade of experience working as an electrical and solar engineer in Ukraine before he fled the war in that country for Ottawa. But those years of work still weren't enough for him to apply for a professional engineering licence in Ontario because he lacked Canadian work experience.

Employees often 'collateral damage' when activist investors come calling

Experts say 1,500 recently announced job losses at Suncor Energy Inc. are an example of the type of "collateral damage'' that can occur when an activist investor comes calling.

Saskatoon cleaning company fined $6,000 for failing to pay wages within 14 days of end of employment

College Park Garment Care pled guilty to six counts under the act.

Ontario lowering minimum age to be a lifeguard to 15 to combat staffing shortage

The Ontario government is lowering the minimum age requirement to be a lifeguard, assistant lifeguard and aquatic instructor from 16 to 15 years of age.

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The Green Book: Pocket Ontario OH&S Act and Regulations 2023

The Pocket Ontario OH&S includes the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act, plus all applicable regulations. With a small pocket format and drilled holes, this book is suitable for posting purposes under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and to meet your reference and training needs. The 2023 Edition reflects all legislative amendments gazetted up to January 21, 2023. » Order your copy today!

Scotiabank's sponsorship program empowers underrepresented groups, fosters leadership development

The Global Wealth Management Pilot Program ran nine months and paired 13 protégées from equity-deserving groups with a sponsor and gave them the opportunity to attend networking and educational workshops and brainstorm, refine and present a pitch to senior executives. The program was created after internal and external data showed a bit of a cliff or career plateau. » Read More...

Arbitration ruling sheds light on 'proclaimed' holidays in collective agreements following Queen Elizabeth II's death

The National Day of Mourning following Queen Elizabeth II’s death was not proclaimed to be a holiday for the purposes of the relevant collective agreements as the term “proclaimed” had a specific meaning connected to a legislative process that did not occur. Lawyer John Hyde breaks down the ruling. » Read More...

Germany reports labour shortage in one sixth of professions

Germany has labor shortages in one-sixth of professions and the number is growing, the national labour agency said as ministers prepare to travel to Brazil to encourage the recruitment of caregivers. Germany has Europe's biggest economy. » Read More...

U.S. Supreme Court rules against union in labour dispute involving truck drivers and wet concrete

In a dispute about the pressure that organized labour can exert during a strike, the Supreme Court ruled against unionized drivers who walked off the job with their trucks full of wet concrete. The decision united liberal and conservative justices in labour's latest loss at the high court. » Read More...

Twitter NYC cleaning workers sue over firings they say spoiled 'Christmas holidays'

Eleven former Twitter cleaning workers at its New York City offices sued the company Tuesday, saying they are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in back pay and damages after they were abruptly fired in December. » Read More...


Emotional intelligence is the key to more successful entrepreneurs

To maintain its position as an entrepreneurial nation, Canada must continue to foster innovation. Our recent research on how emotional intelligence at the societal level impacts entrepreneurship can help Canada, and other nations, accomplish this. » Read More...

AI clones made from user data pose uncanny risks

Imagine, if you will, a digital doppelgänger. A clone that looks, talks and behaves just like you, created from the depths of artificial intelligence, reflecting your every mannerism with eerie precision. As thrilling as it might sound, how would you feel about it? » Read More...


Workforce Forward: Virtual Conference

November 2, 2023 | Online Virtual Event »