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Editor's Note 
In this week's edition, we've got some ideas on how businesses of any size can offer summer hours to help boost morale and combat burnout. Have you tried implementing summer hours in your organization? Email me to share your experiences!
- Brandi Cowen, Editor

Candidates are on the lookout for signs of a toxic workplace

The excitement of starting a new job can quickly subside once signs emerge that the workplace culture is toxic. Sara McCullough recalls the excitement and anticipation she felt about a job she was looking forward to starting. However, she says that feeling faded and turned to dismay as time went on.

Summer hours can help small businesses boost employee morale and combat burnout

According to a May report by the Society for Human Resource Management, 44 per cent of 1,405 surveyed U.S. employees feel burned out at work, 45 per cent feel “emotionally drained” from their work, and 51 per cent feel “used up” at the end of the workday. And since it’s harder for small businesses to offer better pay and benefits to boost morale than big businesses due to their tighter margins, summer hours can be a way to offer employees a perk at low cost.

Ontario invests in helping jobseekers upskill to fill vacant tech roles

The Ontario government is investing $3.5 million to provide free skills development training in technology-related fields for 800 jobseekers in Toronto, with a focus on fostering Black entrepreneurship in tech. The project is funded through Ontario’s Skills Development Fund and delivered in partnership with Dream Legacy Foundation, a not-for-profit focused on fostering Black economic and social inclusion across Canada.

Saskatchewan’s employment numbers hit all-time high

Employment reached an all-time high in Saskatchewan with 16,200 new jobs added year-over-year, according to the latest Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey. Saskatchewan’s unemployment rate also fell in May to 5.6 per cent, the third lowest in the nation and well below the national average of 6.2 per cent.

N.S. judge says complaint about pressure to share vaccine status improperly dismissed

A Nova Scotia provincial court judge who says her rights were violated when her employer asked for her vaccine status wants her complaint against the court's former top judge revived.

Ontario funding new micro-credentials to quickly prepare learners for in-demand jobs

The Ontario government is supporting the development of new micro-credentials to help students train for in-demand jobs in priority sectors like health care and advanced manufacturing. Through a second round of the Ontario Micro-credentials Challenge Fund, the province has invested $5 million for eligible postsecondary institutions to work with industry to co-create or expand rapid training programs that respond to Ontario’s evolving labour market.

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Becoming a psychologically safe team requires all members to buy in

Creating a psychologically safe and inclusive team where all employees feel welcomed, valued, and respected requires more than words and random decrees. It requires constant follow-up and clear expectations of every employee’s willing behaviours and habits, such as taking accountability for behaviour, demonstrating civility, and being collaborative. » Read More...

Balancing AI and managerial discretion in compensation decisions

From automated benchmarking systems that provide real-time market information to predictive analytics for future salary trends and employee retention risks, artificial intelligence (AI) can go a long way in making data-driven compensation decisions in your organization. But human managers continue to play a crucial role in compensation planning, too. » Read More...

Employers and job seekers are using AI throughout the hiring process

Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining a foothold in hiring across the United States, with both employers and job seekers reporting they use AI to streamline the process. The most common uses for AI in recruiting include analyzing large volumes of data (64 per cent) and automating repetitive tasks (59 per cent). However, even with the help of AI, the recruitment process is getting longer, not shorter. » Read More...

Walmart offers new perks for workers, from a new bonus plan to opportunities in skilled trade jobs

Walmart is offering new perks for its hourly U.S. workers, ranging from a new bonus plan to opportunities to move into skilled trade jobs within the company. The perks program comes as the nation's largest private employer says it's seeing a decline in worker turnover. But Walmart, like other employers, faces a still-competitive labour market and increasing demands from its employees. » Read More...

BlackBerry asks court to dismiss some claims in case alleging CEO harassed employee

BlackBerry Ltd. and its chief executive John Giamatteo have asked a U.S. court to dismiss some of the claims made by a former employee who alleges Giamatteo sexually harassed her and then retaliated against her after she reported the behaviour. » Read More...


A national caregiving strategy is coming — what could it mean for Canadians?

It is estimated that unpaid care contributes over $97 billion annually to Canada’s economy. However, this also means that many caregivers spend time away from paid employment. Stats show Canadian caregivers lose nearly $337 million in wages every year, all while facing out-of-pocket expenses to adequately provide care.  » Read More...

Employee expectations can influence the success of well-being interventions

By practising mindfulness, individuals can cultivate a sense of inner calm by reducing negative emotions and enhancing vitality and resilience, making them better equipped to navigate the challenges of the modern workplace. But while mindfulness is enticing, it can be remarkably elusive — especially because in a world addicted to busyness, meditation is not everyone’s cup of tea. » Read More...


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