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The anatomy of an effective job interview: Avoid yes, no questions and overcome unconscious bias

The perfect recipe for a good job interview starts long before the candidate walks into the room or logs into the Zoom call, according to Kiljon Shukullari, Toronto-based HR advice manager at Peninsula Canada.

Is the recruitment process broken?

Over the past few weeks, I have been discussing how the power dynamics in the labour market are shifting in many ways. While employers used to hold all the cards, the perception in recent years is that candidates are starting to have considerably more power.

Newfoundland and Labrador government, teachers to launch think tank focused on recruitment and retention

Teachers are facing recruitment and retention challenges that need to be addressed, the province said. The Teachers Think Tank will provide a dedicated forum to hear directly from teachers and determine opportunities to address those challenges head on.

Recruitment firms still see strong appetite for immigration from India despite political tensions with Canada

As tensions flared between India and Canada, recruitment firms say interest from workers moving between the two countries has not dropped significantly — even though anxiety is building.

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Would you hire someone with a face tattoo?

Tattoos are ubiquitous now, especially among younger Canadians. Once a symbol of counter-culture, of biker gangs and prison inmates, they’re now so common-place they barely elicit any reaction at all. » Read More...

‘Discover Tourism’ recruitment campaign aims to shift narrative on careers in booming sector

Travel has rebounded from COVID, but the tourism industry in Canada is struggling to find enough workers to keep pace with the demand. » Read More...