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CRA updates form T2200, eliminates temporary flat rate method for home office expenses

The updated form, which will be made available at the end of January 2024, along with other T1 related forms, will be "easier to complete for employees who are only claiming a deduction for home office expenses."

New rules now in force in Ontario around language proficiency testing, immigration, crane safety on job sites

The following legislation and regulation changes are now in effect in Ontario as of Jan. 1, 2024.

Quebec has tentative deal on working conditions with all 'common front' labour unions

The Quebec government has reached tentative agreements on working conditions with all the unions that are part of a labour alliance representing about 420,000 public sector workers, but negotiations continue on salaries and benefits.

Unifor says anti-scab law will boost worker power in Manitoba amid reports of impending legislation

“This is an important move to help strengthen collective bargaining and workers’ rights in the province of Manitoba,” said Lana Payne, Unifor National President.

Transportation agency penalizes Air Canada for violating disabilities regulations

The Canadian Transportation Agency says it's issued a $97,500 penalty to Air Canada for violating the Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations. The penalty of $97,500 is for several violations of the regulations.


Top Canadian CEOs took home $14.9 million, nearly 250 times more than average worker: CCPA

It's a record-breaking year for compensation, with the CCPA saying it exemplifies a "new gilded era that Canada's rich seem to be in." To put the data in another perspective, the average top 100 CEO made 246 times more than the average worker in 2022. » Read More...

The flight attendants who fought sexism in the skies — and won

Even before her job offer was finalized in 1973, Senka Dukovich realized her career as a flight attendant had an expiry date. “I had to sign a contract as a new hire that I would quit after 10 years, or that I would quit at 32 years old, whichever came first. Can you believe that?'' the Toronto resident recalled. » Read More...

Here are the changes to CPP deductions starting in 2024

Middle-income earners will start seeing a larger portion of their paycheques going toward Canada Pension Plan contributions as of this week. A broader pension revamp began in 2019 as both the Quebec Pension Plan and CPP began phasing in enhanced benefits intended to provide more financial support for Canadians after they retire. » Read More...

Hermoso testifies in sexual assault case after kiss at Women's World Cup final

The Spanish player kissed on the lips by the soccer president at the Women's World Cup final appeared in court on Tuesday to testify in the sexual assault case against the former official. Jenni Hermoso was at the Madrid court to give her version of the kiss by Luis Rubiales following Spain's victory over England in the final in Sydney in August. » Read More...

Tampa settles lawsuit with feds over parental leave for male workers

Under the proposed settlement, Tampa will pay $300,000 and credit 240 hours of additional leave time to male workers who were denied the same amount of parental leave as female workers in 2017 and 2018. » Read More...

California lawsuit says Ralphs Grocery broke the law by asking job seekers about their criminal histories

The California Civil Rights Department contends that Ralphs Grocery Co. "has ignored and continues to ignore'' the Fair Chance Act "by screening out otherwise qualified applicants on the basis of criminal histories that do not have any adverse relationship with the duties of the job for which they were applying. » Read More...


‘You don’t know why they’re filming or what they’ll do with it’: Flight attendants on being unwilling stars of viral videos

As any frequent social media user knows, airline passengers often record and post in-flight incidents – from frightening turbulence to unruly members of the public. Often, these viral videos feature flight attendants just trying to do their duties, while being filmed without their consent. » Read More...

Oral health is health: Better access to dental care may have potential benefits beyond Canadians’ mouths

Oral diseases, particularly dental decay and periodontal (gum) diseases, are largely preventable, yet are some of the most common non-communicable diseases around the world. Pain due to untreated dental decay impacts eating and sleep quality, among other essential functions. Indeed, the agonizing nature of dental pain earned it the title of “the hell of all diseases” more than 200 years ago. But pain is only the most obvious of the many ways oral health is linked to overall health. » Read More...


Opioids in the Workplace

January 31, 2024 | Talent Canada and OHS Canada, the nation’s leading workplace media brands, are proud to announce a collaborative virtual event on opioids and substance abuse disorders in the workplace. Registration fee: $99 » Register Now

York Region: Employment Law Update with Stuart Rudner

February 8, 2024 | Richmond Hill Country Club » Read More