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Nova Scotia bill targets medical paperwork, aims to reduce number of sick notes for employers

Employers would only be allowed to require sick notes from staff who have been off work for more than five days or who have already had two absences for illness within the previous 12 months.

Military under fire as thousands of troops face lost cost of living allowance

“We’re pissing people off,” said retired lieutenant-general Guy Thibault, who previously served as vice-chief of the defence staff.

Mount Sinai's CHRO is top earning public servant with HR title, according to Ontario's

There are nearly 267,000 public servants on the list for 2022, which identifies people making at least $100,000 annually.

B.C. tribunal orders $9,755 payout to taxi driver over caste based discrimination

Worker's caste was insulted during a physical altercation at a staff Christmas party.

VIA Rail apologizes, says it's working with National Council of Canadian Muslims in wake of viral video

Company engaged in "constructive dialogue" after a video surfaced online of a security guard in Ottawa telling a Muslim man he is not allowed to pray inside.


Maximize your leadership potential with guidance from some of the world’s best global leadership experts at GiANT Worldwide

In The GiANT Leadership Box Set, renowned leadership coaches and strategists Jeremie Kubicek and Steve Cockram deliver timeless and powerful lessons to help take your leadership style to the next level. You’ll learn to motivate others, build a harmonious workplace, deal with time crunches, and discover your own unique leadership voice. The set includes: The 100X Leader, 5 Gears and 5 Voices.

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Trust and stability: The hottest recruitment trend of 2023

The battlefield rules in the war for talent are changing, according to Steve Knox, vice-president of talent acquisition at Ceridian. This is part one of Talent Canada's HR Boot Camp series that examines the journey of an employee, from recruitment to retirement and all points in between. » Read More...

GM granted court injunction after former worker repeatedly tries to enter Oshawa Assembly Plant

The man was terminated in September 2022 following complaints of sexual harassment. But, since being fired, he has tried to enter the facility 11 times, sometimes successfully. » Read More...

Chipotle agrees to pay $240,000 to workers after closing Maine store that sought union

The Maine location was the first in the chain to file a union petition, and the NLRB later said the closure was illegal. » Read More...

France braces for violence in new wave of pension protests

Police security has been ramped up amid government warnings that radical demonstrators intended "to destroy, to injure and to kill.'' » Read More...

Disney World reaches union deal with minimum $18 hourly wage

Starting minimum wage will rise from $15 to $18 an hour by the end of the year in a pact that could set the basement for starting pay throughout central Florida's sprawling tourism industry. » Read More...


Corporate management: Women are losing ground and need to be more strategic, but the culture must also change

Management consulting firm McKinsey recently released its eighth study on the advancement of women in the corporate world (Women in the Workplace 2022). Some of its findings are particularly concerning. » Read More...

Canadian young adults who live alone are more likely to struggle with unaffordable housing, study finds

Canada is experiencing a housing affordability crisis. Over the past 20 years, housing prices have increased at double the rate of income growth. Partly fuelled by dramatic interest hikes, rental prices have also risen precipitously in recent months. » Read More...


CPHR BC & Yukon HR Conference and Expo

Location: Vancouver, B.C.
Date: May 2-3, 2023
»

CPHR Atlantic 2023 Annual Conference

June 19, 2023 | Halifax Convention Centre »