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Ontario to repeal wage-cap law after loss in Appeal Court

Hours after the province's highest court ruled an Ontario wage-restraint law unconstitutional, Premier Doug Ford's government announced Monday that it would repeal the controversial bill in its entirety.

More Canadians using AI tools, despite ‘deep-rooted’ fears about the tech: poll

Thirty per cent of Canadians now use artificial intelligence tools, the Leger poll suggested, up from 25 per cent a year ago, though two-thirds of respondents said the prospect of having them in their lives is scary.

Trudeau says he's furious over Bell Media layoffs, calling it a 'garbage decision'

Bell Media said last week it is ending multiple television newscasts and making other programming cuts after its parent company announced job reductions and the sale of 45 of its 103 regional radio stations. Trudeau said the company should know better.

Organizations in B.C. have work to do to enhance compensation practices, address pay transparency: CPHR survey

Half of organizations in British Columbia don't have a formal compensation philosophy, suggesting there's a "significant" opportunity to enhance pay practices across all levels, according to a new survey.

Minister was warned lifting international student work limit could undermine program

Allowing international students to work more than 20 hours a week could distract from their studies and undermine the objective of temporary foreign worker programs, public servants warned the federal government in 2022.


Opioids in the Workplace: Warning signs and how to respond to a poisoning

There is no sure-fire way to spot someone who is at risk of an opioid poisoning or substance abuse, but there are some red flags to watch out for, according to Vicky Waldron, Vancouver-based executive director of the Construction Industry Rehabilitation Plan. Here's a summary of the panel discussion from our recent virtual event. » Read More...

‘Unprecedented public health crisis’: Pioneering research studies links between workplaces, opioid harms

The opioid crisis is taking a devastating toll, with more than 40,000 opioid-related deaths reported by the Public Health Agency of Canada from January 2016 to June 2023. Nancy Carnide of the Institute for Work and Health (IWH) pointed out that sobering statistic during her keynote presentation at the Opioids in the Workplace virtual event. » Read More...

Rising disability claims pose a challenge to employers: 5 issues to consider

Disability claims began climbing at the beginning of the pandemic – and the slowdown is nowhere in sight. The reasons are varied and striking. Mental health issues, one major contributor to long-term disability claims, have reached crisis proportions in Canada. » Read More...

LCBO's Lilian Riad-Allen blends neuroscience with workplace safety in innovative approach

Lilian Riad-Allen took an unconventional path into the realm of occupational health and safety. When asked what drew her to the profession, she paused. “Safety found me,” she said. “I didn’t really think of it as a profession I was pursuing.” » Read More...

In possible test of federal labour law, Georgia could make it harder for some workers to join unions

As Georgia shovels out billions in economic incentives to electric vehicle manufacturers and other companies, the state's ruling Republicans are moving to make it harder for workers at those firms to join labour unions, in what could be a violation of current federal law. » Read More...

Shooting at Greek shipping company kills four, including owner and suspected gunman

Three people were fatally shot Monday in the offices of a shipping company near Athens and the suspected gunman also took his life as police special forces prepared to confront him, authorities said. » Read More...

Japan's government OKs new foreign trainee program to attract more workers as its population shrinks

The Japanese government adopted plans last week to scrap its current foreign trainee program, which has been criticized as a cover for importing cheap labour, and replace it with a system it says will actually teach skills and safeguard trainees' rights as Japan desperately seeks more foreign workers to supplement its aging and shrinking workforce. » Read More...


When it comes to violence at work, I've packed my Canadian smugness

When I first saw the issue of workplace violence on the agenda at a major OHS conference, I viewed it as a curiosity more than anything else. It was a U.S.-based event, after all, and my smug Canadian self wandered in, found my seat, and marvelled at the red, white, and blue experiences of mass shooter drills and the installation of metal detectors at entrances. » Read More...

The video game industry is booming. Why are there so many layoffs?

The video game industry had a banner year in 2023, with critically acclaimed blockbuster titles selling millions of copies. Yet, it was also a year of layoffs with 10,500 game makers losing their jobs. » Read More...

Canada’s military is ‘too woke?’ Hardly — it must embrace diversity to survive

The publication of the latest issue of the Canadian Military Journal (CMJ) has angered some of Canada’s right-wing media commentators. The issue on the topic of diversity in the Canadian Armed Forces was branded as “woke” by the right. » Read More...

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