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Editor's Note 
Provincial governments have been busy, with B.C. changing how some gig workers are paid, Saskatchewan amending its Workers' Compensation Act, and New Brunswick considering paid sick leave. Catch the highlights below.
- Brandi Cowen, Editor

Employers claim to encourage authenticity, but many job seekers don't believe they can be themselves at work

Although overall company culture has become more casual, 43 per cent of Canadian job seekers say they don’t feel comfortable being themselves in the workplace, according to an Express Employment Professionals-Harris Poll survey.

Canadians are burnt out and excessive workload is to blame

Canadian workers are burning out at a high rate and excessive workloads are the primarily driver, according to the TELUS Mental Health Index. The report, which measures the mental health of Canadian workers, found 42 per cent of workers feel mentally and/or physically exhausted at the end of their workday, with too much work cited as the top cause of burnout.

B.C. announces fair pay, basic protections coming for gig workers

British Columbia’s provincial government has finalized regulations to provide fairness, minimum-wage measures and basic protections for app-based ride-hailing and delivery workers in the province. The regulations, a first in Canada, will come into effect on Sept. 3, 2024.

Debate over paid sick leave heats up in N.B.

New Brunswick's Progressive Conservative government has released a long-awaited report on sick leave that provides several options spanning the gamut from doing nothing to introducing 10 paid sick days. But the Liberal and Green opposition says the government purposely kept the report under wraps for so long because it wanted to please businesses and discourage public debate.

Amendments to SK’s Workers’ Compensation Act coming in October

On Oct. 1, 2024 amendments to The Workers' Compensation Act, 2013 will come into force, including the expansion of occupational disease coverage to include six additional forms of cancer for firefighters. The amendments also include updated privacy and appeal provisions.

New research highlights key advantages of more secure, lifelong retirement income

New research from the National Institute of Ageing can help employers, financial advisors, and others in a position of influence help Canadians understand how financial risks during their post-employment years could derail their retirement.

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How human resources has evolved post-COVID

Back in the old days, when people drove or caught the train to work and were at their desks by 9 a.m., the job of the HR department was well established. Today, in the world of asynchronous remote working and fixed/flexible hybrid working, things are a little more complicated. » Read More...

“Smart drug” use in high-pressure work environments

Being in the rat race is gruelling — staying ahead of everybody is even more taxing. To reconcile workplace woes and professional goals, some workers turn to nootropics — also known as smart drugs. » Read More...

Addressing workplace bullying and institutional betrayal

Workplace bullying can be defined as repeated and unreasonable actions directed towards an employee or group of employees, creating a hostile work environment, and undermining their dignity, well-being, and ability to perform their work effectively. These actions may include verbal abuse, intimidation, humiliation, sabotage of work, or other forms of mistreatment. » Read More...

Older worker accuses defense contractor of discriminating by seeking recent college grads

A major defense contractor is being sued over allegations that it discriminated against older workers in job ads. The lawsuit filed in federal court in Boston accuses RTX Corporation of posting ads that target younger workers at the expense of their older peers in violation of the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Massachusetts Fair Employment Practices Act, and the Virginia Human Rights Act. » Read More...

Thousands of drivers file arbitration claims against Amazon for unpaid wages and other losses

Thousands of delivery drivers filed legal claims against Amazon last week, alleging the company’s classification of them as independent contractors instead of employees led to unpaid wages and other financial losses. Two law firms spearheading the action said about 15,860 Amazon Flex drivers have submitted arbitration claims with the American Arbitration Association, where 453 similar cases are already being litigated. » Read More...


Challenges to arguing a failure to mitigate

When an employee is dismissed and consequently brings a wrongful dismissal claim, the employer may want to claim the employee failed to mitigate their damages. However, as John Hyde explains in his latest, it can be quite difficult for employers to successfully make this argument. » Read More...

Becoming a psychologically safe team requires all members to buy in

Psychological safety in the workplace can be described as “a condition in which one feels (a) included, (b) safe to learn, (c) safe to contribute, and (d) safe to challenge the status quo without fear of being embarrassed, marginalized or punished in some way.” One critical insight for leaders and HR professionals is to be aware that psychological safety is not the outcome; it is the program. » Read More...


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