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Organizations that embrace more casual workplaces have a competitive edge in recruitment

The rules and etiquette of workplaces are shifting to align with the times and desires of employees, and companies that provide a more casual workplace have a competitive edge, according to a newly released Express Employment Professionals-Harris Poll survey.

Low productivity growth is Canada’s ‘Achilles heel’: Bank of Canada governor

Bank of Canada governor Tiff Macklem is sounding the alarm on Canada’s productivity problem and urging policymakers to dig into why the country struggles with low business investment.

Report shows the gender health gap continues to impact working women

Women are essential to the Canadian economy and make up close to half of Canada's workforce. However, a recent report by Sun Life shows 60 per cent of working women said health issues around menstruation, menopause and reproductive health could affect their career advancement abilities.

Workers’ happiness creeps up as summer sets in: ADP

Canadian workers are feeling slightly happier at work this month thanks in part to upcoming vacation plans this summer, according to the latest survey from ADP.

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Lead The Charge to Transform Your Career and Organization

Human Resources has immense power to affect an organization’s bottom line as well as its culture, but gets a bad rap. The Way of the HR Warrior aims to inspire an HR revolution. This is a guide for HR professionals who care to demonstrate the true power of the HR department to influence business strategy, especially in the changing landscape of business with a multi-generational and global workforce, the gig economy, the knowledge economy, the rise of conscious consumerism, and increasing regulations.
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Tips for supporting employees to flourish

Flourishing can facilitate a sense of purpose and mitigate an employee’s risk of languishing and experiencing meaninglessness and loneliness. Employees benefit when they discover how flourishing facilitates a sense of purpose that promotes mental health. » Read More...

Addressing workplace bullying and institutional betrayal

Workplace bullying can be defined as repeated and unreasonable actions directed towards an employee or group of employees, creating a hostile work environment, and undermining their dignity, well-being, and ability to perform their work effectively. » Read More...

California lawmakers approve changes to law allowing workers to sue employers over labour violations

The California Legislature approved bills on June 27 that would amend a 20-year-old law allowing workers to sue their bosses over labour violations and require employers found liable to pay a fine to the state. » Read More...


How to recover after making a mistake at work

Mistakes in the workplace are inevitable, but while making a mistake will not set you apart, how you handle it afterward can. » Read More...

Many younger employees hate making phone calls. Is it hurting their careers?

A 2023 survey of more than 1,000 Gen Z Australians aged between 18 and 26 found that almost 60 per cent dread making or accepting a phone call. Another from the United States found that 81 per cent of Millennials get anxious before making a call. Like spiders and heights, speaking on the phone – with all its real-time imperfections – is a modern-day phobia and fast becoming a lost art. » Read More...


Reimagine: CPHR Alberta Annual Hybrid Conference

October 1, 2024 | 700 Centre St S, Calgary, AB T2G 5P6 or Online » Learn more

Annual CPHR Saskatchewan Conference

October 2, 2024 | 200 Lakeshore Drive, Regina, SK, S4S 7L3 » Learn more

CPHR Altantic 2024: A Workplace for All

October 7, 2024 | 225 Woodstock Road, Fredericton, NB » Learn more

CPHR Manitoba's HR Conference 2024

October 22, 2024 | 375 York Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3J3 » Learn more