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Editor's Note 
The countdown to the first long weekend of the summer is on! On behalf of the entire Talent Canada team, I wish you a happy Canada Day. Wherever you find yourself this weekend, be safe and take care.
- Brandi Cowen, Editor

'The Big Stay': Companies struggle to attract talent as workers choose job security over new roles

An unprecedented number of Canadian professionals are choosing to remain with their current employer as concerns about job security hold them back from considering new roles.

Dialogue and Swiss Life Global Solutions partner on next-gen health engagement solutions

Dialogue Health Technologies Inc., a global health engagement platform, and Swiss Life Global Solutions, a provider of life, pension, and financial solutions, have renewed their partnership to help clients enhance the health and well-being of their workforces.

Victims of workplace harassment, sexual violence can get free legal counsel in Quebec

Quebec has announced $2.4 million over four years to cover the legal expenses for people who file claims of psychological harassment or sexual violence in the workplace. To be eligible for the funding, people will have to file a complaint with the province's workplace safety board.

Gender pay gap in Canada's tech sector almost tripled between 2016 and 2021: study

The gender pay gap in Canada's tech sector almost tripled between 2016 and 2021, amounting to the average salary of a woman in the industry being about $20,000 less than her male counterpart, according to a new report.

Atlantic ministers worry what funding cuts will mean for employers, potential workers

The 2024 federal budget unexpectedly cut $625 million from workforce development programs that help employers meet labour demands in sectors facing critical shortages, such as construction, early learning childcare, and health care. Now Atlantic Canada’s workforce ministers are demanding the federal government reverse its decision.

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Every Leader’s Guide to Taming Workplace Incivility

The first of its kind, Trust Your Canary is a comprehensive resource that equips managers with step-by-step tools to diagnose incivility, complete with strategies on how to select and apply a remedy. "An important and engaging book for managers and decision makers, Trust Your Canary opens our eyes to the devastating effects of workplace incivility, and offers innovative strategies for what can be done it" – Kipling D. Williams, Department of Psychological Sciences, Purdue University » Order your copy!

Balancing AI and managerial discretion in compensation

From automated benchmarking systems that provide real-time market information to predictive analytics for future salary trends and employee retention risks, artificial intelligence (AI) can go a long way in making data-driven compensation decisions in your organization. But even though we can offload a lot of the work to AI, humans continue to play a crucial role in compensation planning. » Read More...

The right to disconnect: Potential amendments to the Canada Labour Code

Proposing such change is intended to create a healthier work-life balance for Canadians by promoting separation between work and personal time. » Read More...

Exploring unresolved conflict and why leaders must learn to address it

Most employees and leaders know there is no shortage of conflict in the workplace. It is estimated that 85 per cent of employees at all levels experience conflict. What may be most alarming is that over 50 per cent of conflict is unresolved. » Read More...

Workers sue Disney claiming they were fraudulently induced to move to Florida from California

Disney workers are suing their employer, claiming they were fraudulently induced to move from California to Florida to work in a new office campus only to have those plans later scrapped amid a fight between the entertainment giant and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. » Read More...

California fines Amazon nearly $6M, alleging illegal work quotas at 2 warehouses

California has fined Amazon a total of $5.9 million, alleging the e-commerce giant worked warehouse employees so hard that it put their safety at risk, officials said on June 19. » Read More...


A national caregiving strategy is coming — what could it mean for Canadians?

Unpaid care contributes an estimated $97 billion annually to Canada’s economy. However, this also means that many caregivers spend time away from paid employment. Canadian caregivers are estimated to lose nearly $337 million in wages every year, all while facing out-of-pocket expenses to adequately provide care.  » Read More...

Employee expectations can influence the success of well-being interventions

While mindfulness is enticing, it can be remarkably elusive — especially because in a world addicted to busyness, meditation is not everyone’s cup of tea. » Read More...