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Employers and job seekers are using AI throughout the hiring process

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June 7, 2024
By Talent Canada

Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining a foothold in hiring across the United States, with both employers and job seekers reporting they use AI to streamline the process.

Eighty-three per cent of employers indicate using AI has increased the speed and efficiency of their recruitment process, according to new research from HireVue. The most common uses for AI in recruiting include analyzing large volumes of data (64 per cent) and automating repetitive tasks (59 per cent).

However, even with the help of AI, the recruitment process is getting longer, not shorter. The average number of days between a candidate’s first interview and either getting a job offer or being notified they were not being considered, rose to 25.1. Some of this increase can be attributed to the squeeze recruiting departments are facing – on average, survey respondents had 7.2 recruiters in 2023 (down from an average of nine reported in the 2022 survey).

Although many recruiters acknowledge AI’s potential for improving efficiency (80 per cent) and reducing costs (50 per cent), a full 70 per cent recognize the importance of maintaining a human element to the recruitment process.


Don’t judge a candidate by their cover letter…

Recruiters aren’t the only ones using AI to streamline the recruitment process. About half of job seekers report using AI to write cover letters (49 per cent), and two in five (42 per cent) are using AI to write their resumes.

In light of the widespread adoption of AI among job seekers, perhaps it’s no surprise that about two-thirds of recruiters (65 per cent) are concerned about AI’s ability to facilitate plagiarism, unethical behaviour, misinformation, and cheating on pre-hire skills assessments.

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