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Webinar: Key Strategies for Recruiting Top Talent During a Labour Shortage

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February 10, 2022
Virtual Event

Even before the global health event of the past few years, societal changes emerged, changing the recruitment process forever. Workers want to increase their mobility, work remotely and become part of an organization that strongly stands for social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

All of this has brought a new sense of urgency to how companies acquire talent.

Supported by ADP Canada’s latest Recruitment Guide & Toolkit, this session provides payroll staff and HR professionals the helpful solutions, actionable advice and real-life practices to improve their efforts to successfully recruit great candidates.

Session attendees will take away:

  • today’s new key recruitment metrics
  • the 10 Things You Should Do Now to engage top candidates
  • a step-by-step guide to delivering an effective interview
  • tips to assess applicant skills and perform background checks.

Employers that adapt to recruitment’s “new normal” will be in the most favourable position to attract excellent candidates and retain them as passionate, motivated, long-term employees.

Learn how to get from yesterday to today and become a productive player in this new age of employee recruitment. Combined with our Guide to Recruitment, this session will help you merge your recruitment strategy and practices, so you can start gaining ground quickly to become a more competitive source of employment for the best job candidates.

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