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Below is a coverage of some our favourite stories dealing with technology from the archives.

Whether it’s learning about AI’s expanding role in corporate leadership, navigating the latest in payroll innovations, or understanding cybersecurity’s critical importance in protecting employee data, HR Technology Week is your gateway to advancing your knowledge and skills in HR tech.

HR technology stories from Talent Canada’s archives

Man with VR headset working on laptop in metaverse.
Photo: Gabriel Trujillo/Adobe Stock

Meet me in the metaverse: Some companies set up shop in a digital environment

As a snowstorm bore down on Toronto, Aaron Grinhaus spoke fondly about the view from his office — not his law firm’s building in midtown, but the one in the metaverse, where two park benches sit around a water fountain and the sky is a gradient of denimblue. Read the full story.

Photo: Getty Images

Artificial intelligence promoted to role of supervised CEO at health technology startup

A U.K.-based company is using artificial intelligence (AI) to act as its CEO. The technology was “promoted” to the role of supervised chief executive officer after it worked for about a year ensuring safety and legal compliance. Read the full story.

Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Photo: Adobe Stock

Ottawa kicking the tires on Dayforce as replacement for troubled Phoenix payroll system

The federal government has been kicking the tires on Dayforce, the human capital management platform from the company formerly known as Ceridian, as it searches for a replacement for its beleaguered Phoenix system. Read the full story.

The TELUS logo on an office building in downtown Toronto. Photo: Adobe Stock

Telus is having ‘incomprehensible failure’ with new payroll system, says union

A union that represents thousands of Telus workers said there is an “incomprehensible failure” in a new payroll system the company implemented. Read the full story.

The sign for Suncor Energy in downtown Calgary. Photo: Jeff Whyte/Adobe Stock

Mitigation efforts continue at Suncor in wake of cyberattack, employee computers being replaced according to report

Canada’s top technical authority on cybersecurity is working closely with Suncor Energy Inc. in the aftermath of a high-profile systems breach at the oil and gas giant. Read the full story.

Photo: Adobe Stock

Interac expanding into business verification, including background checks for candidates

Interac, a brand familiar to most Canadians as the interbank network that makes financial transactions tick and their debit cards work almost anywhere, is expanding into the realm of business verification, which includes pre-employment background screening. Read the full story. 

Photo: Adobe Stock

The AI arms race highlights the urgent need for responsible innovation

The recent frenzy over language processing tools such as ChatGPT has sent organizations scrambling to provide guidelines for responsible usage. The online publishing platform Medium, for example, has released a statement on AI-generated writing that promotes “transparency” and “disclosure.” Read the full story.

Photo: scyther5 iStock/Getty

What is LockBit, the malicious software used against Indigo, SickKids?

Indigo Books & Music Inc. revealed this week that a massive systems outage it’s been dealing with for almost a month was triggered by ransomware. Read the full story.

Photo: Adobe Stock

I asked ChatGPT to handle some everyday HR tasks: This is what happened

I’m equal parts impressed and terrified by ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence tool that can do just about anything you ask it to do. Read the full story. 

Photo: Getty Images

Companies warned of potential Russian cyberattacks, urged to lock digital doors

President Joe Biden is urging U.S. companies to make sure their digital doors are locked tight because of “evolving intelligence” that Russia is considering launching cyberattacks against critical infrastructure targets as the war in Ukraine continues. Read the full story.

Demand for online hiring services, which interview job applicants remotely via laptop or phone, mushroomed during the COVID-19 pandemic and remains high amid a perceived worker shortage as the economy opens back up. (NiiNew/Adobe Stock)

Want a job? Employers say: Talk to the computer

A day after her interview for a part-time job at Target last year, Dana Anthony got an email informing her she didn’t make the cut. Read the full story. 

(stnazkul/Adobe Stock)

Executives – in a hurry – more likely to fall victim to phishing: Lawyer

Amid the mass transition to remote working as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, most employers are likely focused on operational issues in order to get their employees up and running in their new home offices. Read the full story. 

Photo: BackyardProduction/Getty Images

‘Alexa, do I have coverage for this?’ Sun Life using Amazon devices

Sun Life is using Alexa-enabled devices to help employees access benefits information. Read the full story.