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Minimum wage in P.E.I. is now $14.50

January 2, 2023
The Canadian Press

The first of two increases that will boost Prince Edward Island’s minimum wage to $15 by the end of the year came into effect on Sunday.

A news release from the province’s Department of Economic Growth says minimum wage is set to increase by 80 cents to $14.50 on Jan. 1, and will rise a further 50 cents on Oct. 1.

The minimum wage increase for P.E.I. was first announced in the fall.

The three other Atlantic provinces all raised minimum wage rates at some point in 2022.


Minimum wages in New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador stand at $13.75 and $13.70, respectively.

The 25-cent increase Nova Scotia instituted in October pushed the rate to $13.60. The province says it plans to have a minimum wage of $15 an hour in place by October 2024, while both P.E.I. and Newfoundland plan to reach that benchmark this fall.

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