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Ontario government passes Working for Workers Act, 2021

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December 2, 2021
By Talent Canada

Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development in Ontario, issued a statement in recognition of the passing of the Working for Workers Act, 2021 on Nov. 30.

“Through the passage of this legislation, Ontario is ensuring our labour laws keep pace with the acceleration of new technology, automation, and remote work. We are protecting workers’ rights, while positioning Ontario as the top destination for global talent and investment,” he said in a news release.

“We have introduced measures to make it easier to spend time with family and loved ones, requiring most workplaces have a right to disconnect policy.”

“To help workers advance their careers and earn more, we are banning businesses from using non-compete agreements.”


Other changes passed intend to protect and support vulnerable workers by establishing mandatory licensing of recruiters and temporary help agencies, with the harshest penalties in the country for violators.

For truckers and food delivery couriers who keep our world moving, the government is enshrining their right to access washrooms in the businesses and restaurants they serve.

Working for Workers Act will cause big changes in Ontario

“Finally, we are making it easier for internationally trained individuals to practice in the professions they trained in, helping more businesses find the workers they need to drive economic prosperity for us all,” said McNaughton.

“This legislation is another step towards building back a better province and cementing Ontario’s position as a global leader, for others to follow, as the best place in the world to live, work and raise a family.”

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