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Saskatchewan introduces three-hour vaccination leave for employees to get shot

March 19, 2021
The Canadian Press

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REGINA — Saskatchewan has announced people will get paid time off from work to get their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccination.

The province says it has amended its occupational health and safety regulations to allow an employee to get a special leave from their job to get inoculated.

The change takes effect immediately, and means an employee is entitled to take three consecutive hours off to receive a shot without losing any pay or benefits.

The Saskatchewan Party government says employees can take more than three hours off if an employer determines that’s warranted.


A spokesman says at this point the vaccination leave applies to people getting their first shot, because they will have to wait up to four months to get a second.

The government is delaying second shots to speed up how many people get their first dose in hopes of achieving some level of herd immunity by mid-June because a first shot offers some protection against COVID-19.

Labour Minister Don Morgan said in a statement Thursday that he wants to see everyone in the province get a shot.

Health officials added that cutoff age for people to book vaccinations has dropped to 67, down from 70.

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