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Supreme Court dismisses appeal to stop class action against RCMP for bullying

March 17, 2022
The Canadian Press

RCMP police stand at attention in Victoria as they honour fellow officers who gave their lives while on duty in this undated photo. (Getty Images)

The Supreme Court of Canada will not hear an appeal from the federal government trying to stop a class action against the RCMP over bullying and harassment.

Last fall the Federal Court of Appeal upheld a judge’s order certifying the class action.

In a decision today the Supreme Court dismissed with costs an application by government lawyers asking it to review that decision.

As usual the Supreme Court gave no reasons for the decision to dismiss the appeal.


The lead plaintiffs in the class action, veteran RCMP members Geoffrey Greenwood and Todd Gray, say there was a culture of systemic intimidation and harassment in the force that was condoned by RCMP leadership.

The federal government wanted the class action certification reviewed, arguing there are already administrative resolution processes in place for workplace harassment claims.

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