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TD Bank hiring 2,000 new tech employees amid growing demand for skilled workers

January 26, 2022
The Canadian Press

TORONTO — TD Bank Group says it plans to hire over 2,000 people to fill new technology roles this year.

The bank says the new positions will focus on technologies and processes to drive investments and power “the future of banking.”

TD’s hiring plans come amid an industry-wide focus on attracting and retaining technology talent.

The bank says attracting skilled workers is critical to the company’s technology transformation and development of new capabilities, including engineering, automation tools, artificial intelligence, cloud technology, and advancing cybersecurity defences.


Greg Keeley, senior executive vice-president of platforms and technology at TD, says the pandemic has accelerated the integration of technology into the bank’s services.

He says growing the bank’s pool of skilled tech talent is critical to its overall strategy, including the acceleration of its cloud-based technologies to increase the speed of delivering new digital products and services to customers.

TD says it’s focused on hiring employees with skills in software development, IT operations, machine learning and automation.

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