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TELUS Health Virtual Care supports Canadian employees’ mental and physical health

An answer to mental health support in the workplace.

Support your peers with a tool designed to help every employee reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and other common mental health issues. In one convenient and interactive format--no appointments necessary.

TELUS Health Specialized Digital Therapy is a self-paced, module-based approach to cognitive-behavioural therapy delivered straight to an employee’s smart devices. Programs are tailored to individual needs and are supervised by a licensed therapist and behavioural coach assigned to each member.

For more information about the efficacy of Specialized Digital Therapy, download TELUS Health’s latest whitepaper.

Have a look at the state of mental health in the workplace.

1 in 5 people in Canada will experience a mental health problem or illness in any given year3 (see resource), but many will not seek help. Investing in mental health and wellness programs in the workplace can help reduce costs associated with absenteeism and disability, while also helping to break the stigma surrounding mental illness. Learn how TELUS Health is helping to bridge the treatment gap for employees across Canada in their latest infographic.

Supportive virtual care for Canadian workers.

77% of Canadian employees would consider changing jobs for better well-being support at work3 (see resource).

TELUS Health Virtual Care provides employees with on-demand access to physical and mental healthcare, anytime, anywhere in Canada.

To learn more about how TELUS Health Virtual Care is supporting organizations, have a look at their employer infographic.

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