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Diversity & InclusionNewsPay Equity

January 26, 2021
NDP warns of long delays in equal pay for women in federal rules

Diversity & InclusionFeaturesPoliticsRecruitment

January 26, 2021
Feds considering legislative changes to make public service more diverse

Diversity & InclusionNewsPoliticsSexual Harassment

January 26, 2021
Leaders condemn sexism faced by women candidates in N.L. election

Diversity & InclusionNewsGlobal HR News

January 20, 2021
North Carolina city protects workers, OKs ban on hairstyle discrimination

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December 31, 2020
What HR professionals should prioritize in 2021

Diversity & InclusionFeaturesChild/Elder CareEconomy

December 22, 2020
‘Completely unmanageable’: Pandemic taking women out of workforce

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December 20, 2020
Confronting racism at work

Diversity & InclusionNewsPolitics

December 18, 2020
Justice, public safety ministers discuss need for anti-racism training

Diversity & InclusionNewsEconomy

December 18, 2020
‘Talk is cheap’: How companies can act on diversity targets amid an economic crisis

Diversity & InclusionFeaturesCompensationManaging/Leadership

December 16, 2020
Door to C-suite still locked for many diverse candidates

Diversity & InclusionColumns/Blogs

December 16, 2020
Engineering for change in Ontario

Diversity & InclusionNewsLegislation

December 10, 2020
Quebec government lawyers tell court Bill 21 is not a violation of freedoms

Diversity & InclusionNews

December 7, 2020
Toronto police charge man after investigation into noose found at construction site

Diversity & InclusionNewsChild/Elder CareEconomy

December 7, 2020
Child care adds to strain for working mothers as pace of job gains slows

Diversity & InclusionNewsRecruitment

December 7, 2020
N.L. RCMP committee focuses on recruitment of Black members

Diversity & InclusionNewsLegal

December 7, 2020
Black federal public servants file lawsuit alleging systemic discrimination

Diversity & InclusionColumns/BlogsRecruitment

November 30, 2020
The worst way to make a hiring decision

Diversity & InclusionNews

November 27, 2020
Room for improvement on diversity, inclusion: ADP survey

Diversity & InclusionNews

November 25, 2020
Germany to compensate gay servicepeople for discrimination

Diversity & InclusionNewsEconomy

November 19, 2020
Women leaving workforce faster than men, childcare playing big role in exodus: Study

Diversity & InclusionNewsBullyingCulture

November 18, 2020
Union calls for a seat at the table for reforms ordered at ‘toxic, racist’ York CAS

Diversity & InclusionNews

November 17, 2020
Scotiabank unveils roadmap for diversity and inclusion

Diversity & InclusionNews

November 16, 2020
Another glass ceiling shattered: Kim Ng named GM of Miami Marlins baseball team

Diversity & InclusionNews

November 6, 2020
Human rights museum in Winnipeg releases framework to address racism

Diversity & InclusionColumns/BlogsImmigration

November 5, 2020
Immigrant women are falling behind during the COVID-19 pandemic

Diversity & InclusionNewsSexual Harassment

November 2, 2020
McDonald’s hires diversity chief amid corporate turmoil

Diversity & InclusionFeatures

October 30, 2020
Trump’s diversity training order faces lawsuit

Diversity & InclusionNewsCompensationCulture

October 29, 2020
Inequality in capital markets sector continues to hurt women, BIPOC, LGBTQ

Diversity & InclusionNewsCulture

October 16, 2020
Ontario groups partner to fight acts of racism in construction

Diversity & InclusionColumns/BlogsFeatures

October 15, 2020
Being a representative of representation in the workplace

Diversity & InclusionNews

October 13, 2020
Trump administration targets diversity hiring by contractors

Diversity & InclusionNewsManaging/LeadershipPolitics

October 9, 2020
Nunavut minister stripped of portfolios says he does not regret social media post