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August 18, 2020
How to build a compliant workplace harassment and violence policy


August 17, 2020
Former McDonald’s CEO asks court to dismiss case against him

LegalNewsDiversity & InclusionSexual Harassment

August 14, 2020
Muslim woman accuses U.S. McDonald’s franchisee of discrimination


August 4, 2020
Contractual damages must be proven, new Supreme Court ruling shows

LegalFeaturesHealth & Safety

July 13, 2020
Class action lawsuit alleges Alberta meat packer failed to take COVID-19 precautions


June 1, 2020
Work reduction or temporary layoff during COVID-19 not termination: Ontario government


May 11, 2020
Employment lawyers on returning to work during and after the pandemic


April 22, 2020
Quebec long-term care home that saw 69 deaths hit with class-action lawsuit


April 20, 2020
The nuts and bolts of the federal wage subsidy for employers


April 6, 2020
Breakdown of co-op grocery partnership sparks layoffs and lawsuits


April 3, 2020
Bad-faith demotion gives rise to significant damages


March 30, 2020
Ontario court rules against CIBC in overtime class action lawsuit

LegalFeaturesOff-Duty Conduct

March 23, 2020
Domestic violence: Responsibility for employers with staff working remotely

LegalNewsGlobal HR News

March 20, 2020
Bayer fires Australian woman who went for a jog in Beijing

LegalFeaturesJob Cuts

March 19, 2020
Webinar: Tips, tactics for employers in reducing labour costs during COVID-19


March 18, 2020
COVID-19: Frequently asked legal questions from employers

LegalFeaturesLabour Relations

March 12, 2020
Supreme Court declines to hear appeal in Alberta public sector union case


March 5, 2020
Does daylight savings affect employee pay?


February 28, 2020
BMO facing a class-action lawsuit over vacation, statutory pay calculations


February 28, 2020
Human rights lawsuit over African mine can be heard in B.C.: Supreme Court


February 24, 2020
Midwives win gender pay gap battle at Ontario human rights tribunal


February 24, 2020
Canadian reality TV production firm facing $35 million class-action lawsuit

LegalFeaturesBullyingMental Health

February 13, 2020
Is jail time in the cards for managers who bully workers?

LegalNewsLearning & Development

February 11, 2020
Webinar tackles tricky legal questions around discipline, dismissal

LegalFeaturesSexual Harassment

February 3, 2020
Is your corporate strategy ready for #metoo?


February 3, 2020
Medical officer hid relationship with fraudster during his hiring as CFO


January 27, 2020
Supreme Court: Can a corporation be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment?

LegalNewsOffbeat Workplace News

January 24, 2020
B.C. winery worker may cry over spilled wine, but ruling won’t give his job back


January 24, 2020
Former Wells Fargo CEO fined $17.5 million for sales scandal


January 15, 2020
Company wins lawsuit over inflammatory, anonymous online posts

LegalNewsOffbeat Workplace News

January 15, 2020
Lawsuit: Ex Volvo worker fired because he wasn’t Swedish

LegalFeaturesBullyingWorkplace Investigations

January 14, 2020
When does an employer have to investigate a complaint?