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Pay EquityGlobal HR News

January 29, 2024
Biden is marking the 15th anniversary of landmark pay equity law with steps to help federal workers

Pay EquityGlobal HR News

September 18, 2023
New York employers must include pay rates in job ads under new state law

Pay EquityColumns/BlogsFeatures

September 14, 2023
Pay equity is good for everyone – let’s make it a reality: Opinion

Pay EquityNewsPayroll

March 20, 2023
B.C. pay transparency lands with a thud

Pay EquityNews

March 9, 2023
Canadian women’s soccer team takes fight for pay equity to Parliament

Pay EquityFeaturesPayroll

September 12, 2022
Jessica Chastain, Eddie Redmayne pushed for pay equity on Netflix’s ‘The Good Nurse’

Pay EquityColumns/Blogs

June 14, 2022
Gender pay gap: It’s roughly half a million dollars for women professors across a lifetime

Pay EquityFeaturesCultureDiversity & Inclusion

June 9, 2022
Fewer than half of Canadian companies have Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policy

Pay EquityNewsBenefits & PensionsCompensationEmployee Activism

June 6, 2022
Canada’s men’s soccer team withdrew from World Cup warmup match over wage, benefits dispute

Pay EquityFeaturesCompensation

May 30, 2022
Pay for female CEOs rose 26% in 2021, but ranks remain small

Pay EquityNewsGlobal HR News

May 18, 2022
U.S. Soccer equalizes pay in milestone with women, men

Pay EquityFeaturesDiversity & Inclusion

March 3, 2022
Women’s participation in labour market rebounds but pay gaps remain: RBC Economics

Pay EquityNewsCompensation

March 16, 2021
New report details skilled trades earnings, difference between men and women

Pay EquityNewsCompensation

March 9, 2021
Low-wage women hit hardest by COVID-19: report

Pay EquityNewsCompensationDiversity & InclusionGlobal HR News

March 4, 2021
EU wants employers to report pay levels to fix gender gap

Pay EquityNewsDiversity & Inclusion

January 26, 2021
NDP warns of long delays in equal pay for women in federal rules

Pay EquityNews

November 16, 2020
Federal labour minister hails progress on pay equity but says it will take time to deliver

Pay EquityNews

February 21, 2020
Nova Scotia proposes changes to address gender wage gap in the province

Pay EquityNews

February 13, 2020
U.S. soccer men’s union says women’s pay should be tripled

Pay EquityFeaturesDiversity & Inclusion

February 12, 2020
Women CEOs negotiate better severance than men — for all the wrong reasons

Pay EquityNewsDiversity & Inclusion

January 10, 2020
Female journalist wins pay discrimination case against BBC