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Work 4.0: Revolutionizing
work post-pandemic

April 15, 2021 at 1:00pm EST

SURVEY: Canadian workforce of the future

We’re on the edge of a new world of work—one brimming with ways to reimagine how we use technology to collaborate, innovate and deliver differently. PwC Canada’s Canadian workforce study, takes the pulse of more than 1500 employees’ and 500 employers’ across the country, looking at their perceptions of return-to-workplace plans, productivity and effectiveness, the digital workplace experience and the importance of work-life balance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report shows that Canadians’ ways of working and their relationships with organizations are becoming more fluid, so it’s time to build stronger business resilience and maximize the potential of your people. Do you understand where you want to take your business from here—and how to prepare for the future of work?

Findings at a glance:

Remote work is here to stay: As the world adjusts to new ways of working, most employees want flexibility to choose between their homes and the office, as needed.
Engaging people within the digital workplace experience: Canadians see remote work as a mixed bag when it comes to maintaining productivity, with work-life balance cited as their top challenge.
Investing in people pays off:Employers who invest in upskilling their employees have been better able to succeed in uncertainty.

Explore the detailed findings from PwC Canada’s Canadian workforce study at www.pwc.com/ca/workforcesurvey.

Learn more about how PwC Canada can help bring your workforce of the future into focus at pwc.com/ca/workforceofthefuture.