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Work responsibly: Heineken’s work-life balance device shuts down your computer

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December 16, 2022
By Talent Canada

Looking for a way to log off work and kick off the weekend as we head into the holidays?

Well, Heineken has the answer. We don’t usually shill for beer companies in this space, but — when they run a really creative campaign focused on work-life balance, we have to take some notice.

It’s not the first the suds maker has unleashed its creative team on the workplace. Back in 2016, it ran an innovative recruitment campaign called “Go Places.” It sat 600 employees down in front of cameras and created a virtual tour of its workplace for “The Interview.” It featured a “Curator of Choices” to walk candidates through a series of rapid-fire questions and determined which of eight profiles the individual fit. Then it presented some related job opportunities.

It was a unique, and entertaining, spin on recruitment.


Earlier this year, the company uncorked its tactic to rebalance work and life with “The Closer.” It’s a bluetooth-enabled bottle opener. You connect it to your computer and, when the work day ends and you crack open a beverage, it puts your laptop to sleep.

The device specs are on-point:

  • Compatible with late nights and weekends
  • Supports 7 oz, 11.2 oz, 12 oz or 22 oz models
  • Comes in one colour: Work-life balance white

Watch the video below.



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